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December 22, 2014

Happy Solstice!

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Today marks the first official day of the winter season and the shortest day of the year. After midnight, the days get longer, yippee!

You know, the winter used to be the time to rest, relax and renew. This is the time to knit that sweater or afghan you were supposed to make. Read all those books you’d been putting off. Watch all those movies you didn’t watch before. Now is the time. Instead of killing yourself to be outdoors, now is the time to just “be”. That’s hard to do, even for me. I have a bunch of older TV shows that were made in the 50’s and 60’s on my computer, ready to watch.

Series like One Step Beyond, The Twilight Zone, Boris Karloff Thriller, Bewitched, and some episodes of Seinfeld that I have on DVD. The TV now and then is like night and day.

We’ve been finding lots of meat and odds and ends. Meat scraps we give to the dogs. Frozen meat or meat JUST within date, we keep and give to others. Now is the time for good chili with cornbread, taco salad with sour cream and chips, meatloaf mashed potatoes and gravy or a good pot roast.

So tonight, I sit in my house coat and slippers, sipping on Egg Nog (that I found diving the other day) and enjoying life. There is plenty of time in the Spring, Summer and Fall to be bouncing around.

For those of you who worship Christmas like I do, have a Merry Christmas.

For my other readers of different religions, Jai Ma, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza or Feliz Navidad.

November 28, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all

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I stay out of the malls and stores during this crazy time. I’m not too found of fighting over goods made in China. No siree. There are better things to do like: make ham for Thanksgiving, listen to the owls hoot at night in our tree and you guessed it, dumpster dive!

Tonight’s haul.

Three dozen bags of shredded cheese.
2 bags of cream cheese.
2 crates of juice.
1 crate of Sweet Tea.
Cajun sausage
2 dozen eggs
Berry punch
Buttered bread sticks

I have so much surplus it’s time to thin out again. Tomorrow a trip will be made to the local soup kitchen. My basement and freezers are starting to look like an episode of Doomsday Preppers.

November 15, 2014

Cookies and Milk

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A few nights ago we found four boxes of frozen chicken and a dozen packages of ground sausage. When I cook the chicken or the sausages there is always some grease and meat drippings left. I put them in a bowl, drop some bread in it and give it to our neighbor’s dogs. They love the protein, the fat and the bread.

In fact, the dogs are so conditioned to being fed by me, that when I come home from a dumpster diving run, I swear they can smell the meat. The raw meat scraps are good for them as well as the female is now pregnant again. Her black coat is far shinier than it used to be as she’s now getting good nutrition from me.

The other night a new little dog came to the woods. Someone just dropped him off. He’s a sweet little thing. We named him Peanut. He’s very lovey dovey and friendly. He just laps up the love from everyone. He will jump up and down when he sees us. It’s a sweet sight to behold.

Found about a dozen gallons of whole milk and about a dozen packages of cookies, intact and unopened. There are so many cookies I can house and quite frankly I don’t need them. Neither does my spouse. He still considers cake a vegetable. The milk and cookies (with the exception of one gallon milk and one package of cookies) went to the local soup kitchen/rehab center. They loved it. They’re living on such a slim margin, that is makes me feel grateful I have what I have.

Pictures below are of the following. (1) Dumpster dived meal. Frozen chicken baked in the oven. French fries (potatoes found in the dumpster) cut up and drizzled with rosemary olive oil and seasoned salt. Very good hot meal. Dessert will be two cookies and a little glass of milk. I put my milk in a martini glass, silly, but I like it.

(2) The homeless dog Peanut. He’s as sweet as sugar. I’ll keep feeding them if they keep coming around. I can’t let an animal starve. I just can’t.

Yes ladies and gentleman, it’s a zoo here, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Chicken and Potatoes


November 3, 2014

Meat for Me and the Dogs

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It’s getting a lot colder here, so the pickings are MUCH better. Had to run to the grocery store to get a few items, I just can’t get diving. Plus it’s that time before the food stamps are loaded, so there are deep discounts at the retailer. And did we get some great deals.

Deals such as:

Gluten free pasta, 16 oz, .65.
Spinach and parmesan sauce, 1.75 a large bottle.
Arizona Green Tea in the bottle, .50. (good prepper item to have and good to have in the cooler when I’m on one of my all day jaunts).

After leaving the retail store I told the universe, if it’s meant to be, meat will be in the dumpster. Lo and behold, fresh kill. Several big slabs of beef/fat. I chopped them up in smaller pieces and fed to my neighbor’s dogs. If I don’t chop them up a little finer, they’ll literally choke themselves eating so fast. They were lapping it up and quite happy. In fact when I come home from the store they run to my truck. Many times they are so glad to see me and my spouse, they almost knock me down by jumping on me.

So we found 3 large pieces of brisket, dozen or so rolls of meat, intact and practically frozen.

Good haul. We’re still noshing food we found 3 years ago. Still perfectly good. So tonight, in order to pave way for the new, we had given away about 1/2 of our other freezer to our local food bank/rehab house. They were thrilled. Because the economy is in the toilet, donations are down and they’re barely getting by. Now I wished I brought more. I probably will tomorrow.

So tonight dinner was pasta (from the meat we dived tonight and the sauce we bought on closeout), with our gluten free angel hair pasta we bought on closeout and some foccacia bread (dived bread). A 4 oz glass of red wine (also dived 3 years ago) topped off the meal. Dessert was a sugar cookie (dived cookie).

But alas, I over did it and now my shoulder is sore. Sitting here now with ice pack.

November 2, 2014

Bread; the staff of life

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I have had a dumpster diving hiatus. My frozen shoulder is JUST starting to feel better, but I’m not pushing it. So I’m still doing the driving and my husband is doing the diving.

Today we decided to take a day and go into one of the larger towns near me. It has a lot of shopping variety and good diving. Now that’s it a lot colder, food thrown out stays fresh longer which is better for me.

On our way home we decided to visit one of our favorite haunts. It was full. We pulled out of the dumpster about 6 large boxes of muffins, bread, rolls, cakes, pies, donuts, etc. It’s quite a feast. We have enough to fill our freezers and another elderly person we made friends with. She’s in her 70’s and on social security. She has quite a bit of wisdom farming and my husband being Mr. Fix It can help her with a lot of projects. She’ll be receiving some of our largess this week.

We’re saving a few of the pies and cakes for Thanksgiving. They’ll go into the freezer until then. We know a few people in our area who have no family around or who don’t want to go to their local family meal. We are going to invite them over for Thanksgiving and have some good fun and maybe play a game of Scrabble if they’re up to it.

October 8, 2014

It’s a Zoo Here

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These last few months have been a real bitch. The heat in the South is not something I’m used to, as this is my first summer (all summer) in the south. Normally I go up North for the summer or in Florida (where you at least get the oceanside breezes), but I’m now here in the countryside for good.

I kept my meditation/workout room/girlie room on AC 24/7. The humidity was so bad here it’s hard to breathe during the day outdoors. So I did all my grocery shopping, laundry and other things at night or 3am. Well you can’t dumpster dive at 3am, as that might arouse suspicion from the cops.

We’ve been finding chips and other snacks that are not necessary to be refrigerated, so they are safe to take.

Our area in the hills has a lot of critters. Our neighbors lovely big dog was killed last week. My husband and I were both sick over it. I heard loud growls like a bobcat or cougar the night he was killed. I’m thinking he was chased into the road by the animals.

Our neighbors dogs spend most of their time on my front porch. They are good security for me. If I’m alone I feel safe if they are here. I believe they would defend me. I don’t believe our neighbor’s have the money to feed them properly, so they get fed here.

Now, we have another cat that has been dropped off. She has pretty green eyes. I call her Jade. She’s very lovey dovey and very little. We fed her a while back and she ate so voraciously I thought she’d get sick. Poor thing was very very hungry.

Once the weather cools, our hauls will be better.

So, herein lies the reason for my post today. I need help for dog food and cat food. 2 dogs and 1 stray cat. So if you’d like to donate a few dollars for dog and cat food or coupons, email me at this site and I’ll send my PO box for donations.

Here is a little picture of the little green eyed cat that is wandering around here. green eyes

July 17, 2014

BBQ food and Hickory Chips

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Once or twice a month I like to venture into a larger town to do something different. I’ve told my husband several times I’m almost out of cleanser for the house, so I either need to find some OR make some out of oranges and apple cider vinegar. Well on our first stop of our dumpster diving/fun run today, found 3 bottles of cleanser. You must dilute it to use it. I now have about a year’s worth of cleanser.

Then decided to venture onto another store to buy some hickory chips for smoking meat on the wood grill. I told myself, I almost guarantee you when we get to this other discount store, they’ll be there, half the price. I didn’t listen to my gut. I bought one bag of hickory chips, a few minutes later, found the same thing, half price. I still bought the chips half price. Because we were done for the day and exhausted from diving, I didn’t return the first purchase.SAM_0314SAM_0309SAM_0303SAM_0302

Today’s find include sliced pineapple, strawberries (I’ve blanched them in the picture you see today and tonight will be making medicinal margaritas tonight for my sore body), a dozen or so jars of pickles (I believe you can make relish out of them as I’m not a pickle lover) and a lot of smoked BBQ meats from the deli. I love relish in chicken salad and tuna salad.

I have a wood fire grill that my husband found curbside diving 10 years ago. We use it to cook outside as it’s way too hot to cook indoors. I’m teaching myself how to use this wood grill and to perfect my BBQ wood grill expertise and smoking meats. I love hickory and mesquite smoked meats. I have a strong palate for musky spicy foods so those chips will be perfect for me. I guess growing up in a small town and eating country food gives one a cast iron stomach.

Speaking of cast iron skillets. Bought one today at a local garage sale. For about 1/3 of the price you’d buy in a store. Made in the USA, can you believe it?

You can find all types of how tos on You Tube. I love shower gel, but it’s so expensive. I watched a couple of YT videos on how to make shower gel and lo and behold, I have about 3 months worth of shower gel from some bar soap (I’d found in the dumpster no less and some leftover soaps from hotels). I added some essential oils to the gel of eucalyptus, menthol, peppermint and spearmint.

Tomorrow we will be dropping off some food to some local people we know who need it. Tonight we are both too tired and sore. Dumpster diving is hard, sweaty and dirty work. We recently made friends with an elderly woman who has a complete off grid house. She lives very meagerly. We will be bringing her some presents this week.

July 15, 2014

Potato Manifestation

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On my to do list, I had potatoes on the list. I cut up the potatoes and fry them in the deep fryer OR grill them on our off-grid wood-fire grill. (A brand new grill that was found over 10 years ago that no one wanted).

This same grill I cooked a whole chicken on yesterday. I had to go outside in 30 minute intervals to stoke the fire with wood chips, wood and leaves (to kindle the fire). The chicken turned out great. Now imagine, I made a whole chicken and heated some green beans from the canning jar completely free of utilities. Just plain old wood, twigs and leaves. No money to the utility cartel, powered by nature. In fact it got so hot at one point outside (and I was in the shade) I resorted to a redneck water slide, a garden hose ran over my head.

So today my spouse decides to run into town for a few things. The local dumpster was calling his name. Find me, find me. Lo and behold, 2 bags of potatoes and one watermelon. It’s been so hot here cool watermelon will be very refreshing.

potatoes and watermelon

June 5, 2014

Chips and Dip

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The other day we bought some chips and dip on sale.

Today, find several bags of chips and dip. Talk about manifestation. It never fails. Ever.

The heat slows down dumpster diving. Especially for meat and produce. Way too dangerous. Could get sick. Plus I have enough food to last me for quite some time. Now don’t get me wrong, we do spend money in the economy, but wisely.

Tonight we are redoing a room and making it a spare bedroom for guests and any other weary traveling friends who need to stay for a night or a month. Doesn’t matter. God has been good to me, so I’ll be good to others.

I have quite a stash of new clothes that I found a few years ago. Pants, jeans, socks, T-shirts, underwear, dishes, kitchenware, that I’ll never ever use. They are going to charity this week. Someone could use them. I need the space and someone out there needs the clothes. Just the other night a local charity received a large bag of body powder, makeup, and other personal toiletries.

It is nice in the country. We saw two turkeys the other night, a coyote running across the highway and dozens of fireflies in the evening. Many a night I will sit outside, watch the fireflies, light a candle on my front porch (keeps the bugs away) and enjoy the bright moon or the stars when it’s the dark of the moon.

What things in nature do you enjoy? What simple pleasure do you like?

Dumpster Diving Injuries

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When I first started diving. I did it alone. I wasn’t a seasoned diver and I had to learn the hard way how to do dive properly. For years I would hold the diving stick in my right hand (my dominant side) and the flashlight in my left hand. I remember coming home at night with my right shoulder and arm hurting, but it was OK the next day. Now looking back on it, I should have been using a headlamp and using both hands to grab items.

For about a year I’ve been having shoulder issues. Pain, stiffness and almost close to a frozen shoulder. I waited until we moved out of the city and got settled before I decided to see a doctor. So off to the doctor I went for physical therapy treatment and massage. But I kept irritating it and it wasn’t healing. My husband does all the heavy lifting, but I would get so excited about finds and wanting to hurry the heck out of the location before management or someone else came outside, I would jump out of my car and help!

Finally the pain became so bad, I decided to back off diving for a week and things are improving. I’m starting acupuncture in a few weeks and I should be on the road to healing again.

We still dumpster dive, but right now I’m only the chauffeur. I write the articles about our finds, but my dear husband does the lifting and jumping into the dumpster. Tissue injuries take a long time to heal and I have to take a step back and just let my arm heal.

Word to the wise. Use a headlamp and don’t use just one arm. If it’s too heavy, have someone who has the upper body strength to do it, just don’t get injured. If any of you have shoulder issues, please let me know what worked for you.

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