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September 30, 2015

Fall Harvest Update

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Hello all you fine ladies and gentleman who read my blog. This has been a grueling hot summer. Actually too hot for diving (food wise). Pickings have been slim. We’ve found an occasional box of cleansers, paper goods or non-food items but nothing to write home about. Now that the hot weather is finally coming to an end, I can work on insulating my old home and cleaning up clutter.

We had a serious power outage here that knocked down huge trees and left the residents here without electricity. Of all times to have a power outage in the middle of July with no AC and no means of cooling off. We took cold showers every two hours and fanned ourselves. We finally drove to another town where they did have power and sat in the AC and charged our phones at a local fast food joint.

About a week later I got hit with a nasty viral type bacterial infection. I was in agony. I’m a very holistic person, but this wasn’t being treated with natural medicine, so off to the urgent care I go. I was given some strong antibiotics that had such serious side affects I was homebound. I found out later (unfortunately) that Ciproflaxin has long term damaging side affects, which I’m still getting over.

I’ve come to the conclusion that eating a vegan or near vegan diet is the only choice for us. The last two times I’ve eaten pork I’ve felt very lousy for a few days. So has my husband. I believe it’s the parasites in the pork. So we’re merging into a diet of more fruits, vegetables, rice, beans, potatoes, soups and salads and maybe fish occasionally. But steak, pork and bacon are out. Don’t get me wrong I love those foods. Maybe once in a while I’ll eat them. But for now, at my age, those foods are not good for me and they’re anti-aging. When you look at people who are either raw foodies or vegans, they look far younger than their age.

I’ve been focusing on my garden. We didn’t grow enough to feed us for a long time, but enough to put some veggies in the freezer for long term use. We saved tomatillos, serrano peppers, habanero peppers, peppermint, lemon balm, tomatoes, strawberries, corn, oregano and basil. Not bad for a first timer.

I’m not that great of a gardener yet, but I’m still learning and doing better each time. We bought a dog pen with a roof on it. We’re going be placing bins inside thedog pen (keeping the critters out that way) and growing food there.

It’s better to learn and be quite proficient in gardening and growing your own food now. Dig a well before you’re thirsty I’ve been told. Whether or not a collapse happens economically or environmentally, it’s always good to have some sort of food freedom. This way if disaster strikes you are prepared, if not you have organic veggies that you know what was put into them.

So for now, it’s remodel, garden and heal from these toxic pharma drugs. Once things get cooler I’ll be back to diving again.


June 20, 2015

Potato Bake

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It’s way too hot to cook in the kitchen. So until it gets cooler cooking is done outside on the propane grill we purchased. Propane is cheap to cook with and cooks fast. I have a side burner I use for cooking eggs, potatoes or anything stir fry. This keeps the heat out of the kitchen and saves a lot of money on your electric bill. You can always go back into your bedroom with the AC on later to cool off.

My husband found 2 large bags of potatoes all by themselves in the dumpster. There were a lot more but he didn’t want to attract attention by staying there any longer. He uses a 6 foot fishing gaffe we bought at a local sporting good store to hook out larger bags or bags way down in the dumpster.

He washes the potatoes and throws out any bad or spoiled ones. That’s why they threw out the bags. There were a few bad ones in the mix.

He lets them dry overnight. Then, they are put in a big stock pot and cooked on the propane grill outside for about 1-2 hours. Once they are soft and cooked they go inside.

We purchased a potato ricer at a local discount retailer. Works very well. The potato ricer mashes the potato for either mashed potatoes, potato pancakes or home fried potatoes. They’re all good.

We put them into ziploc bags and allow them to cool for several hours before we freeze them. I usually cook them for breakfast with eggs. They make a great sort of hash brown.

The potato ricer was reasonably priced, stainless steel and very sturdy. They’re also good for carrots. Many young mothers use them to smash up their food for their little ones.

On a side note; I had made some strawberry vodka liquer with some dived strawberries out of the freezer. This stuff is so good you can drink it straight. So for a summer cocktail I use one shot of the strawberry liquer with tonic water. It’s a very refreshing light drink.

Here’s to a marvelous summer.IMG_20150619_190645IMG_20150619_190636IMG_20150619_224248IMG_20150619_231712

May 22, 2015

Food Freedom

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Started planting our own food, (some of it for now) and things are looking good. My dear husband has planted lettuce, tomatoes, tomatillos (good for green salsa verde), peppermint and lemon balm (which smell fabulous and will be putting them in sun tea today), corn (which is starting to sprout and do very well), serrano and jalapeno peppers.

I’m very excited. Each and every day my husband water the plants and I spray the leaves. I talk to the plants. Plants have consciousness so kind and loving words help them grow. I always wanted to be able to walk outside, snip off a bunch of lettuce and make a nice green salad. I’ve committed to eating one raw meal a day.

I plan on canning and drying some of the food, eating some of it fresh and any leftover will be given to two women I know. One is a senior on a fixed income and the other one is one of the working poor. She works three jobs to survive. So do what I can to help her.

Have seen other divers out and about. Have not been finding much. Some lemons here, some potatoes, there. That’s about it.

We collect rainwater. I then take a 2-liter bottle and dip it into the rain barrel. Then when I need to water my plants, it’s an easier pour and re-using water is a good thing.

Many talk green, but hear ye hear ye, I am green.

I am a mountain woman. I am a pioneer. I am a vanguard of the old. I revere nature and animals. I respect nature.

Tomato (6)

Tomato (5)

Tomato (3)

Tomatillo (2)


Lemon Balm

April 17, 2015

Taco Bell Dinner and Living Green

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Had a good haul the other day. Found over a dozen boxes of those Taco Bell make at home dinners (all you need is the ground beef), a dozen or so boxes of cereal and an entire box of thank you notes. All of us are used to sending emails and we don’t send letters anymore. There were thank you notes, blank cards, shower notices, baby shower invites, etc. It was all good stuff to have.

Now for the living green part. I purchased a simple shower from Amazon. It works great! It’s reasonably priced and will fit 2 liter bottles and the 1.25 liter bottle. You have to have the 2 liter bottles sitting out in the sun to heat up. It’s too darn cold if you don’t. I stood in my shower and used the first part to wet my hair and shampoo. Rinsed off. While my conditioner was seeping in, I used my shower poofer to wash. Rinsed off. Used 3 1.25 liter bottles to take a shower and I felt fine and clean. It’s a good investment, I highly recommend it.

I’ve been purchasing the solar lights from the dollar store. They work very well. Another way they can be used is in your house. If you have an area of the house you don’t go in as much at night like the bathroom, put one there. Charge it up during the day and put it in your bathroom at night. Stick it into that green foam block that people use for fake plants in a vase. You save electricity and help the planet at the same time.

March 1, 2015

Potato Salad and More Competition

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I’m in a large chain grocery yesterday buying some things from the deli. I like to buy things from the local deli instead of fast food. I usually will buy a few slices of roast beef, maybe some cheese and a few pieces of fruit. While I was purchasing my food I noticed that one of the clerks was packaging up food really neatly in boxes and putting it on some large rack. Then I watched her place all the boxes neatly in the trash. I thought ruh roh, that’s either for someone to pick up out of the trash can or a prime opportunity for me.

Instead of alerting my husband to go outside and get that stuff, we muddled around the store.


Something told me a goldmine was in that dumpster and it was. As we were leaving we drove behind the back. Sure enough an elderly gentleman was standing in the dumpster picking out all the good stuff, i.e. rotisserie chicken and other good deli meats he could fit into his small car. I have a feeling he was the spouse of the deli worker. Which is fine by me as I’d probably do the same thing, but darn it, he got the good stuff first!

Hey, first come first served. Those who get to the dumpster first, get the good stuff first. I call it fresh kill.

We came back about 10 minutes later and found about a dozen packages of potato salad and macaroni salad. Since they have a short shelf life and they can’t be frozen, off to the soup kitchen today they go.

January 21, 2015

Little Old Lady

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Saw a senior diver. Probably in her 70’s. Wheeling along a little miniature shopping cart like one would use in NYC. I used to have one. She has her little cart full of things. She’s wearing a dress, warm coat, a scarf and some gloves. She has a little trash bag in her cart.

When I see her, I make sure and help her. She doesn’t have a grabber so my dear husband will grab things out of the dumpster for her and put it in her shopping cart. The newer ones are so deep it’s almost impossible to get them out unless you have long arm and legs like my DH.

We always ask her, do you need anything, (refuses to take money from anyone), are you warm enough at night, do you have enough medicine, etc? The answer is always the same, no I’m fine, thank you for asking and then she looks down.

Her generation did not grow up on foodstamps and had very little government help if any. That generation felt ashamed to take anything. They always felt others were far more poor than themselves.

If you have a senior in your neighborhood, make friends with them please. They may be very lonely. Many of them are single or widowed. Their children and grandchildren have busy lives. Your kind word or deed could mean the world to them.

I don’t discuss politics on my blog for a reason. I try to stay a-political on my blog and my twitter feed. I could be far left or far right but you’d never know and I’d prefer to keep it that way. This blog is about survival and great food finds. My blog is boots on the ground real world happenings, today. I have a wide variety of twitter followers and value their input. They are white, black, asian, hispanic, jewish, christian, agnostic, new age, heathen pagan etc….

The bottom line is so many people are hurting financially and are malnourished spiritually and physically. UDD is a blog to help you find that food for yourself and your hungry neighbor.

January 19, 2015


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Now that gas prices are a lot lower (about a $1 less per gallon a year ago today), we’re diving more and finding more goodies. My husband teased me tonight and said if we find food we can eat, if not, we’ll fast.

Fasting….. ugh. I don’t think so.

So tonight we went out on our local haunts and found nine frozen pizzas. Yippee! We can eat tonight. Seriously folks. I do believe there are other divers in my area now. That’s ok. You can’t get everything, everytime.

The one thing diving gives you is situational awareness. The military call it OPSEC. You’re aware of your surroundings, day and night. Being aware makes you less apt to be a victim of crime. It also teaches you to observe body language. Divers observe and notice things the general public does not.

We cleared our freezer as we had more room now from eating older food founds months ago. We made the declaration today that since we had a cleared space, we now have room for food. And voila! Nine pizzas in the box ready for us.

This week we will be taking several bags of soda cans and scrap from our yard for extra cash. Thank God gas prices have went down. This allows us to make longer trips to larger cities to dive more food.

January 2, 2015

Happy New Year

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Pickings have been fairly good. Finds include pork loin, kielbasa, bratwurst, milk, juice, eggs, and potatoes.

Because of improper food storage I had a few containers of black beans and rice go bad. I’ve learned my lesson and am now a better prepper. I moved the dry goods to my hallway (picture enclosed) so I can find everything. The former food storage container in the back now houses empty mason jars and other kitchen odds and ends.


December 22, 2014

Happy Solstice!

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Today marks the first official day of the winter season and the shortest day of the year. After midnight, the days get longer, yippee!

You know, the winter used to be the time to rest, relax and renew. This is the time to knit that sweater or afghan you were supposed to make. Read all those books you’d been putting off. Watch all those movies you didn’t watch before. Now is the time. Instead of killing yourself to be outdoors, now is the time to just “be”. That’s hard to do, even for me. I have a bunch of older TV shows that were made in the 50’s and 60’s on my computer, ready to watch.

Series like One Step Beyond, The Twilight Zone, Boris Karloff Thriller, Bewitched, and some episodes of Seinfeld that I have on DVD. The TV now and then is like night and day.

We’ve been finding lots of meat and odds and ends. Meat scraps we give to the dogs. Frozen meat or meat JUST within date, we keep and give to others. Now is the time for good chili with cornbread, taco salad with sour cream and chips, meatloaf mashed potatoes and gravy or a good pot roast.

So tonight, I sit in my house coat and slippers, sipping on Egg Nog (that I found diving the other day) and enjoying life. There is plenty of time in the Spring, Summer and Fall to be bouncing around.

For those of you who worship Christmas like I do, have a Merry Christmas.

For my other readers of different religions, Jai Ma, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza or Feliz Navidad.

November 28, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all

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I stay out of the malls and stores during this crazy time. I’m not too found of fighting over goods made in China. No siree. There are better things to do like: make ham for Thanksgiving, listen to the owls hoot at night in our tree and you guessed it, dumpster dive!

Tonight’s haul.

Three dozen bags of shredded cheese.
2 bags of cream cheese.
2 crates of juice.
1 crate of Sweet Tea.
Cajun sausage
2 dozen eggs
Berry punch
Buttered bread sticks

I have so much surplus it’s time to thin out again. Tomorrow a trip will be made to the local soup kitchen. My basement and freezers are starting to look like an episode of Doomsday Preppers.

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