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September 24, 2009

Wednesday Night Finds

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1 MP3 Speaker, 1 landline phone, Name Brand Diet Pills, Crackers, shaving cream, perfume spray.

Funny thing is that I’ve been looking for an MP3 speaker for a while, haven’t gotten around to buying one yet. Now I don’t have to. Perfectly good one throw in trash. I added a new store to my route that I had overlooked. The good thing about this store is that they throw all the good stuff in one bag so there is no digging in the dumpster. Works for me.

A lot of the stores in my area have been slashing prices for a while now. There are some good bargains out now if you have the money. I’ve found some great clearance items that I can use for a while now.

Got a new job, but now there is talk it won’t last long. I’m bummed. I’m going to have a garage sale and sell some of the stuff I’ve found (the new stuff) for a decent price.  Almost every one I know is affected by this economy. It’s very hard to not let it get you down. My neighbor for the first time in his life was let go last week. I spent about an hour helping him with his unemployment paperwork and how to fill out claim forms in the future.

I have my personal reasons why the economy is failing, but that’s not the purpose of this blog. This blog is a diary of my dumpster diving, how it’s affected me and what I see on the streets. Sometimes not a pretty sight.


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