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October 22, 2009

The Homeless in America, Food Stamps, Self Sufficiency and Empty Commercial Buildings

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Last night didn’t find anything but picked lots of cans and bottles to redeem for money. Money I can use for food. Thank God I have rent and utilities set aside, but food, that’s another thing. To get money for food, I need to pick up cans and bottles, sell things at garage sales, it’s all good. I’m not whining. I’m giving my perspective on the economy seen through my eyes.

We have so many commercial buildings vacant. Retail is dead. Dead because consumers have no purchasing power. They have no purchasing power because they have no jobs or on unemployment which BARELY pays the bills. We have systematically shipped jobs overseas to save money. Last time I checked Nike shoes are still expensive and they’re made in Indonesia? What gives.

It’s all greed. Greed is not good. Making money and exploiting others is NOT good. Making money and treating your employees and the community well IS good.

Now we’re at a crossroads here. The same citizens who helped all these corporations make money need to be helped by these same groups. Do the elitists and the government honestly think we like unemployment? NO! We want to work, but there is nothing there!

Bring back the manufacturing job base of factories here in America. Not China, Mexico or some other country, HERE!

All those commercial buildings? Here’s a common sense thought. Let the homeless live there but they gotta work for it. Put up a bunch of bunk beds, install a couple of showers and a kitchen to cook hot meals. Take the food from grocery stores every night that throw away food. The homeless would have to pick up litter and help build the infrastructure in our country. This would allow them dignity of having a roof over their head, clean food and a hot meal. That’s far better than stimulus money.

Once again if you don’t recycle – that’s OK. Please separate your cans, bottles and plastic water bottles. Set them aside on the road so that the homeless can take them or people who AREN’T homeless can take them, redeem them and have some food money.

Is anyone listening?


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