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November 25, 2009

Halloween come lately

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I haven’t posted in a few weeks as I’ve been finding SO much stuff I’m coming home exhausted from putting all the stuff away, giving it to charities or friends. Some night I find so much stuff I’m up until at least midnight putting stuff away. I’m usually wound up and it’s almost 2am before I get to bed. I must be a vampire.

Thank you loyal readers for reading my blog. Today I have the flu. I feel like a truck has ran over me. Hopefully tomorrow Thanksgiving I can have my T-dinner and feel fine, it’s hell getting older!

Founds loads of Halloween costumes the other night (at least 100 outfits brand new). Donated them to a local charity for next year. The rest of the signs and bags I found, I’ll be selling them a garage sale next year. My diving really helps the economy and the environment. It keeps the stuff out of the landfills, it helps those who are economically disadvantaged and makes me feel good. I like being of service to others, that makes me very happy.

My new office chair is marvelous. I love it. It’s so much better than sitting in that card table chair I had.

Found an almost new leather recliner the other day. Had my friend help me carry into my house. Man that is living. So today I’m having orange juice while I watch a few episodes of Desperate Housewives on my recliner. Man I love that show!

November 12, 2009

Brownies and Beer

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Odd Combo Indeed – story to follow……..

One my first route tonight I encountered another diver. I’ve seen her before – she’s been out of town. Immediately she said the security guard stopped her and told her not to come back. I don’t believe her.

 I’m at that store every night  – usually the Security Guard or the supervisor drive by in the truck and wave at me. I think she said that to keep me away from that store. Not happening Momma.
Went to another store tonight on my route that I’d forgotten about. It’s a speciality gourmet store and liquor store.
Well I scored. When I looked in the bin there was 10 12-packs of holiday beer pack. Mexican, German and Karl Strauss beer. Wow!
There was NO way I could get those out of there. I really only wanted 2 of them.
There was a man and woman with (about my age) with a grown son with them. I think they were living out of their RV. I went up to the young man and told him about all the beer in the bin. He jumped up with such glee it was as if I told him Pamela Anderson was nearby naked.
He jumped in that bin, grabbed every single of those 12 packs and loaded 2 in my truck. He told me this particular store throws out a LOT of pre-cooked sausage. I thought oh goody, another store to add my to route.
While we’re in the middle of diving a security guard approached (young kid). He said are you two scavenging for cans? I said oh no, we’re retrieving 10 12 packs of new beer. It’s criminal that they’re throwing this out. He agreed. He said OK, I didn’t see you guys, I’m leaving you now, I’ll come back if I see the police in the parking lot. So after we’re done, I drive by and told him thank you for being so cool about it. Do you have a sweet tooth? He said I sure do, I said cool, I’ll bring you brownies next week when you’re working. Now I’ve gotta write down my calendar to make that young man some brownies.
A young man from another store gave me a bunch of Halloween stuff they were going to throw out. When I expressed dismay that they were going to throw it out, you could tell he was not liking our conversation. He said I have a young daughter, I’m a single dad, I just started working here, I don’t want to get fired.
I said I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I’ll just leave empty handed so there is no problems. He came after me and said you know what? They’re going in the trash anyway, let me fill up a bag for you. I thought how nice. I told him do you like brownies? He said yes I do. I have a serious sweet tooth after quitting smoking. Perfect. I went home, made up a batch of delightfully rich brownies and brought them to him. I think he thought I was just BS’ing and was going to blow him off. He was gone by the time I got back to the store.
The next morning I called the store and you could tell he was annoyed to answer the phone, he’s probably pulled very thin. I said hey this is the Brownie Lady, how did you like your brownies? It was OH HI thank you! I shared them with all my staff.
Dive into rich brownies……………….

November 8, 2009

Soup is a meal

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Many bottles of soup (the microwaved kind) for the kitchen, big trash bags (good for cans and bottles), brand new spa pedicure foot soak (giving to a friend who’s on her feet all day for work), bottles and bottles of 100% juice, jug of wine (wine is not my thing though), and other cosmetics too numerous to mention.

Found quite a few new Xmas ornaments for the holidays. I’ll put those in my toys for tots gift bags that I’ll give out this Xmas.

I went with my friend for dinner Friday night. Carl’s Jr, woo hoo. Their burgers are good. She has a friend who works part time, lives alone and is on the fringe financially. I loaded her friend up. Shampoo, conditioner, microwave popcorn, crackers, pretzels, etc. Now the snack foods are not that nutritious but they can be an addition to the food she already has.

November 5, 2009

Chocolate Fudge

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I’ve been finding so much stuff – it’s hard to keep track of it all. Tons of microwave popcorn, cosmetics, soap, shampoo, bottled water, etc.

Now since it’s daylight savings time and it gets darker earlier, I can leave the house earlier to dive. Much nicer this way. And since the weather is getting cooler, it’s safer to dive for meat. Yes many a diver gets tons of meat and produce out of the dumpster.

As far as the meat goes – ONLY if it’s just been thrown out and if it’s pre-cooked meat like a sausage link, I give it the smell test. I’ve never been sick and I certainly don’t look like I’ve missed a meal either.

At this point in time, diving is necessity for me. Money is tight, really tight. But I will persevere. I worry about the sad state of the economy and wonder what is going to happen. But I have to live one day at a time or I’ll make myself crazy.

In a couple of weeks I have company. I’m making pot roast for a couple of young men in my political group who are visiting this area. They’re both fairly poor and a good home cooked meal would do them a world of good.

That’s where the fudge mix comes in. The one who’s coming to town is a bonafide freegan so he’ll have no problem eating dived food. I’m making a big pot of dark chocolate fudge.

Doesn’t fudge sound wonderful right now?

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