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December 29, 2009

Highball Glasses

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Found over 30 plus highball and martini glasses. Will use them for parties and get togethers at my house for New Year’s Eve and other events. I plan on having some potluck parties in the new year and free happy hour with all the goodies I’ve found in the last few months.

With the four cases of wine I retrieved this year, I gave most of it away for Christmas. Wrapped around the neck of the wine bottle a nice little necklace (once again retrieved from the dumpster new) and gave those away to the women in the retail stores I frequent.

1 KAL vaporizer, new in the box. I’ve had a hard time shaking this chest cold. Last night I used the vaporizer with tea tree oil in the warmer. What a difference. As a kid my grandma used to put Vicks on my chest and make me sleep with a vaporizer. Sometimes those old school cures work much better than cold medicines with alcohol, preservative or dyes. Tonight I bought some eucalyptus oil at the vitamin store. I’m sure that will work much better.

I’ve found so much stuff in the last few days I don’t have room for it in my tiny place. So now I just put in neatly in a bag, put a note on it in big letters what it is and a free sign and it usually gets snatched up pretty quickly.

December 20, 2009

Smirnoff Vodka and Martini Shakers

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Tonight’s finds.

2 boxes of Grey Goose martini shakers. The stainless steel kind, sturdy, about 20 ounces. Good stuff. There were more but I couldn’t get them all. The local police was sitting by the dumpster eating dinner. I walked up, said hello, don’t mind me, I’m looking for good stuff they throw away. He said OK, have a nice night.

Cops are great. I think the very fact that I said hi and announced myself may have made all the difference in the world. That way he doesn’t think I’m some vagrant wandering around looking for trouble.

My next store on my route threw out a box of Vodka with 2 bottles. Upon careful search found one of the bottles broken (probably in the store) but the 2nd bottle untouched and unopened. Woo hoo, Vodka in the house.

I’m giving away the Vodka and the martini shakers to my retail friends where I shop on a regular basis. I’m going to fill the shakers with homemade cookies and other goodies I have on hand.

December 19, 2009

Bread and Books

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Found quite a bit of bread tonight. High end stuff. Passed a lot out to neighbors and kept some in the freezer for later. This is the good stuff, bread you put into the oven and reheat later for company.

Box of books – brand new ones. Paperbacks with the front torn off. That prevents someone from taking them back and getting their money back. Oh well. I’ve alerted my neighbors I have a ton of books. If they’re not gone by tomorrow, off to the nursing home, hospital or library they go.

December 13, 2009

Property Destroyed on Purpose

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Out and about on my nightly route. Found another disturbing thing in the dumpsters. I’m behind one of the big box stores that has another store in the strip mall. I won’t mention their name here.

Looking in the dumpster and there at least 30 TV trays (good ones) that were thrown in the dumpster and deliberately maimed. You could tell that the TV tray legs were deliberately ripped off the trays so that no one could use them. The trays were in perfectly good shape, now worthless to anyone.

Now they’ll sit in a landfill forever or maybe heaven forbid someone who works in the trash hauling company can use it for firewood. There was also a director’s chair brand new, broken apart deliberately and the chair pad slashed.

WHY? Really WHY? Those TV trays could have been donated to the Salvation Army, a homeless shelter, a recovery home, anything. Now it does no one any good.

The same dumpster had loads and loads of popcorn in the bag, cookies, crackers all slashed. I did a spot check on the bags; NONE of them were expired, all way before their expiration date.

Same night go to another store. About 30 bottles of vegetable oil, slashed. I recovered about a dozen of them to take home and give away. In this same dumpster loads and loads of fig newtons, cookies and crackers slashed.

It takes way more energy to slash the products than to throw them in the trash. Plus it leaves a mess when they do that.

If you’re a store manager or corporate CEO of a food company and you’re doing this, SHAME ON YOU! We have thousands of hungry families who are literally broke, out of unemployment checks or can’t get a job to save their lives. The same people who feathered your company nest many years ago, now could use your help. Many families are now moving back in with mom and dad as money is tight and you throw this stuff away?

I never hope you’re out of work and have to live on such a tight budget that you can barely sleep. I know MANY families who can’t sleep at night worrying about how their going to feed their families, pay their mortgage or buy food. Food is going up; I see it every day at the stores. I had one store manager tell me well you know everything is going up, I said wages aren’t. He didn’t say another word.

It’s outright despicable, spiteful and mean spirited. I’m going to buy a video camera and do a documentary on this. I’ve decided I’m going to out these companies.

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