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December 29, 2009

Highball Glasses

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Found over 30 plus highball and martini glasses. Will use them for parties and get togethers at my house for New Year’s Eve and other events. I plan on having some potluck parties in the new year and free happy hour with all the goodies I’ve found in the last few months.

With the four cases of wine I retrieved this year, I gave most of it away for Christmas. Wrapped around the neck of the wine bottle a nice little necklace (once again retrieved from the dumpster new) and gave those away to the women in the retail stores I frequent.

1 KAL vaporizer, new in the box. I’ve had a hard time shaking this chest cold. Last night I used the vaporizer with tea tree oil in the warmer. What a difference. As a kid my grandma used to put Vicks on my chest and make me sleep with a vaporizer. Sometimes those old school cures work much better than cold medicines with alcohol, preservative or dyes. Tonight I bought some eucalyptus oil at the vitamin store. I’m sure that will work much better.

I’ve found so much stuff in the last few days I don’t have room for it in my tiny place. So now I just put in neatly in a bag, put a note on it in big letters what it is and a free sign and it usually gets snatched up pretty quickly.


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