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January 29, 2010

Jan 28 Thursday

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Good finds tonight.

2 12-packs of beer, one Neutrogena healthy skin rejuvenator still in the box (works wonderful) can’t wait to see the final results a month down the road, insect repellant (good for self defense for women), Jason facial wash, hand sanitizer for the purse (trial size), eye shadow, lip liner, child’s toy (bouncy lighted ball), burn bandages, face powder, 1 combination lock, 1 brand new landline phone (will resell at garage sale), 1 pair of blue earrings and pill boxes.

Dived a little later tonight, not too much traffic out past 10pm. Either people are at home getting ready to go to bed (if they have a job and get up early) or at home watching TV and surfing the net. NOT dumpster diving like me. Oh well.

I’m on my way home and out of my rear view mirror I see a fairly new silver Mercedes edging right up against my bumper, didn’t hit me though. THEN I realized the driver was drunk and was going back and forth behind me from one lane to another. My phone was in my purse so snatching it up right away to call 911 wasn’t an option. By the time I got my phone the driver had either pulled over or found his/her way home. They were close to a bar so they probably lived close to the bar. If that’s the case, why not walk there.

My heart was pounding I was so scared. That was my first interaction with a drunk driver right near me. Scared me to death.


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