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February 28, 2010

Corona Beer

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Found 2 bottles intact of Corona beer. I love Corona but it’s too expensive to buy anymore. Looks like the other bottles were broken and they threw the entire 6 pack out. So now I have 2 bottles of beer to drink at a point in time. Corona is good with Mexican food of course.

I like to take pork shoulder and cook it in the crockpot. Then I shred it after it’s cooked and make pork tacos with salsa, lettuce and the flat tortillas I have to heat up in the pan. Margaritas are good with those too!

Found 2 more candles, vanilla smell. They’re really nice ones. Plus some women’s personal grooming products as well.

I carry my MP3 player with me when I’m waiting out the security guard to leave or the store employees to go back into the store from break. Works to break the monotony. I feel like some PI or cop staking out a place.

Bad news, my unemployment ran out. I’ll find something, I always do. God helps those who help themselves right?

February 27, 2010

The Candy Girl

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Found quite a bit of candy (multi packs), energy bars, energy drinks, candles, and toothpaste.

Passed quite a bit of candy at the local grocery store parking lot. The two men I gave candy too seemed pretty pleased. The one was incredulous that so much stuff is thrown out. He said you do this all the time (pass out food)? I said yep, I can’t use it all, I can’t stand to see it thrown in the trash. I also gave him 3 loaves of bread.

The rest of the candy I gave to neighbors. The energy bars I kept and the candles. Candles evoke such a nice mood.

February 26, 2010

Snacks for the Homeless and Security Guards

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Didn’t find a lot tonight. 2 bags of chips and 3 bags of fig newtons. I can’t keep that type of junk in the house so I dug the stuff out anyway. I put the snacks in a box and laid them in a place where I know homeless men wonder near. I know that chips and fig newtons aren’t that nutritious but it’s better than nothing.

Found some new markers and a bag of new plastic grocery bags (the eco bags folks use instead of plastic bags). As I was leaving the dumpster the security cop came by as I was getting in my car giving me a weird look as if I were some criminal.

A female dumpster diver is not a threat, especially one who looks like me. I’m a normal middle aged female with long blond hair, I look like an older surfer chick. We exchanged hellos and I drove off.

As I was driving down the alley to go back home, the sheriff or some marked car was parked near the sidewalk. It said patrol or probation sign on the car. When I left the alley he or she followed me a good few miles. Ridiculous, like they have nothing better to do than to follow some middle aged female.

If any cop or security guard is reading this blog, back off us dumpster divers, especially women like me. I’m just gleaning food to help me and others and I don’t leave a mess. Instead of looking at me, why not shine the light on stores who waste food and throw away perfectly good food that could be given to the hungry.

February 25, 2010

Recovery – Sober living homes

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We have a few of those in our community for men and women. Now there are a lot of those out there who bash these type of homes and don’t want those type of homes in their own backyard.

If someone is honestly trying to get clean, I’m all for it. That’s how I quit smoking cigarettes almost 15 years ago through Nicotine Anonymous. Cigarettes kept me in a vise grip and it was almost impossible to quit. And with the price of cigarettes am I ever glad I quit, not to mention the health benefits.

So last night I brought over quite a bit of my dived stuff to a local recovery home. I brought men’s grooming products (deodorant and razors), some snacks (chips and crackers) and grapes and oranges. The new bedding I found a few weeks ago I’m giving away as well. Not sure to whom yet. I have plenty of blankets and quilts as I like to sew and crochet. It calms me down after I see all the dirty rotten crap on TV and how political and corporate whores have trashed this country.

I don’t have this blog to brag, far from it. I do this blog to give others ideas in their own communities on how they can help their own.

February 22, 2010

Bread Basket – Food Fairy

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I’ve unleashed a monster now since I know how to use my camera phone (it actually takes pretty good pics).
Tonight retrieved over a 100 loaves of bread from the trash, all perfectly intact. The expiration date was today. Big deal. They are still good.
Bagels, bread, and Hawaiian King Rolls. My entire back of my truck was full. So I decided to go on a food fairy tour and give the stuff out.
1 guy gave me his card and asked me to come see his band this weekend (he was kinda cute).
2 familes in one parking lot were very excited, a little hesitant at first. One of the women starting crying and told me how hard things have been for them. They both are hurting financially and bread is something they don’t buy that often because it’s so expensive anymore (and these stores are throwing it out, pathetic).
1 homeless man at Arco asked me if I wanted to go home with him (yeah right). He was SO drunk you could have pushed over with a feather.
2 other guys at the Arco station came up and took a bunch of bread. One is a former vet who was in Iraq for 30 months. He said right before you pulled up, I said to myself I gotta get some bread for lunch this week for work (he’s in construction). He said I was counting my money to make sure I had enough. He said when you pulled up I said oh my God, God really does listen to me.
He had a young kid in his truck (a friend) who came up and talked to me. He’s in a sober living home, trying to get his life back on track (the Iraq vet sponsors a lot of recovering drug addicts). He said there are plenty of us in the home that don’t have squat. We exchanged numbers so I can start dropping off stuff there if they need it. I find SO much stuff that many times I leave it behind. No more, now I have another place or people to give it to.

February 21, 2010

Saturday Feast

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Founds tons and tons of chips, jalapeno flavored popcorn, pork rinds and cookies, all intact. Double click on the pics to see a larger snapshot. (Not bad for a camera phone picture).

2nd part of my route found produce, a lot of it was good, a lot I had to throw out. I cleaned all the produce off. Once I saw all the produce I just started grabbing. Pictures attached. Sweet potatoes, potatoes, tomatoes, limes, blackberries, peaches, onions (yellow and purple).

February 20, 2010

Friday afternoon

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Dammit it’s raining here again in my neck of the woods, really screws up my dumpster diving.

Went to Wal-Mart and bought a cord that attached my MP3 player to my Ipod docker. The sound is incredible.

Then I go to my food route. Met 2 fellow female divers (first time meeting them), daughter and Mom. They got there first so they got all the good food (I saw it in their trunk) and we talked a little. Divers are fun people, they really are.

So I was able to get a new carton of eggs, a package of ginger and 1 new bottle of marinara sauce.

OK off to listen to my music!

February 19, 2010

Ipod Docker

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Found a brand new Ipod docker in the box. I don’t have an Ipod but I do have an MP3 player that I can plug into the player to listen to my MP3 player without having to eat up my batteries.

2 brand new packs of liquid makeup, 1 container facial scrub (St. Ives), V-Day stickers and one package of shoestrings.

It’s funny, I’ve been wanting something like the Ipod docker for a while. Every single time I want or need something I find it!

Praise the Lord.

February 18, 2010

Recalled Meat

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I was sooooo bummed tonight. Thought I’d found the mother load, packages and packages of proscuitto, sausage and cheese.

I came home, googled the company and they’re having a major salmonella outbreak with the peppers on the food and the company is recalling all the meat I found tonight. I can’t take chances,  I had to throw it out, bummer.

On the positive note, found a big container of chocolate animal crackers (unopened and fresh), 1 foldable step stool for my truck (good to step up higher to get into the dumpster) and a few paperback books I’ll donate to the library bookstore tomorrow.

Man I’m bummed out about the meat, some things are too good to be true.

February 17, 2010

Tuesday Night Finds

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Scored good tonight. First on my route found a brand new room rug (5×8). It had a few snags, but I cut them off and the rug looks beautiful.

In that same dumpster a new comforter in the package with 3 pillows, 2 pillowcases and dust ruffle for the bottom. I’d been wanting to get a new bedspread and rug for the front room, voila! There it was.

Also 2 shelf corners for my kitchen.

Food finds – 1 frozen mini pizza, 1 can of refried beans, some trail mix, raisins and other odds and ends.

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