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February 3, 2010

Grocery Prices Going Up?

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Well tonight found a box of Limon potato chips. Gave a few to my neighbor, the rest I’m keeping here. They’re TOO good, especially good with Green Chili Verde Salsa and a Diet Coke Zero.

Our local museum is having a food drive. Free admission for 3 cans of food. I’m bringing a box of 12 boxes of cereal. Someone can use that. It’s the honey bunches of oats brand, not cheap.

2nd part of this post – have you noticed out of the blue grocery prices are going up? The other night I’m at the store and got a major sticker shock. Many of the things I purchase on a regular basis are going up up up.

I thought oh no, I’m calling the stores on it. Yesterday I called the local store’s corporate office. The manage of that division in my area called me back. We talked for a while. He wanted to know specific items that have went up. Me being a math whiz and having a photographic memory when it comes to numbers and dates I gave him a laundry list.

I told him with great candor that these price increases were a racket. I told him there is no reason to be raising prices in the middle of a depression. Yes ladies and gentleman, we’re in a depression, the unemployment figure is much higher than the media and the government is telling us. I told him very candidly (and it’s true) my shopping there has decreased at least 80%. Most of shopping now is at local produce stores or farmers market. Healthier produce and better prices. It’s more important to buy locally from a local farmer than some conglomerate who God knows how they’re treating our food and how they treat their employees.

He said he was going to look into it and will get back to me. I’m going to hold his feet to the fire. I’m going to continue to monitor that store and others. Another thing companies are doing is lowering the amount (ounces per container) and keeping the same price. It’s an insidious immoral thing they’re doing by pulling this little stunt.

We consumers now have the power. Corporations are doing their best to maintain a bottom line and sneak in price increases and other rackets they’re running. Call them on it and make a phone call. Hold them accountable and hold their feet to the fire.


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