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February 15, 2010

Burritos and Enchiladas

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Found a new store (high end yuppie grocery store) on my route tonight. I was told by another diver they throw tons of food out, but I kept putting it off going there. Now I’m glad I did.

Retrieved 8 servings of frozen burritos and taquitos. That will feed me for a while. I sat in the parking lot like I was on some sort of sting waiting for the kids to close up the back door so I could dive. I wear my dive outfit. Hair pulled back in a ponytail, dark jacket, running pants and T-shirt. I keep hand sanitizer in my truck, paper bags for smaller items and a grabber to grab larger more hard to reach items.

I sat there for it seemed like forever. Normally I take my MP3 player with me for times like this so I can wait it out while they’re diddling around and then once they close the door and put the additional food out, I can pounce on it. But I forgot my MP3 player at home, got bored, said screw it, and started diving anyway. Had I waited I may have gotten more food.

I can pair with the burritos and enchiladas some spanish rice, beans and a salad for a complete meal. I probably got about $50 worth of food tonight.


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