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February 22, 2010

Bread Basket – Food Fairy

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I’ve unleashed a monster now since I know how to use my camera phone (it actually takes pretty good pics).
Tonight retrieved over a 100 loaves of bread from the trash, all perfectly intact. The expiration date was today. Big deal. They are still good.
Bagels, bread, and Hawaiian King Rolls. My entire back of my truck was full. So I decided to go on a food fairy tour and give the stuff out.
1 guy gave me his card and asked me to come see his band this weekend (he was kinda cute).
2 familes in one parking lot were very excited, a little hesitant at first. One of the women starting crying and told me how hard things have been for them. They both are hurting financially and bread is something they don’t buy that often because it’s so expensive anymore (and these stores are throwing it out, pathetic).
1 homeless man at Arco asked me if I wanted to go home with him (yeah right). He was SO drunk you could have pushed over with a feather.
2 other guys at the Arco station came up and took a bunch of bread. One is a former vet who was in Iraq for 30 months. He said right before you pulled up, I said to myself I gotta get some bread for lunch this week for work (he’s in construction). He said I was counting my money to make sure I had enough. He said when you pulled up I said oh my God, God really does listen to me.
He had a young kid in his truck (a friend) who came up and talked to me. He’s in a sober living home, trying to get his life back on track (the Iraq vet sponsors a lot of recovering drug addicts). He said there are plenty of us in the home that don’t have squat. We exchanged numbers so I can start dropping off stuff there if they need it. I find SO much stuff that many times I leave it behind. No more, now I have another place or people to give it to.

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