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February 26, 2010

Snacks for the Homeless and Security Guards

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Didn’t find a lot tonight. 2 bags of chips and 3 bags of fig newtons. I can’t keep that type of junk in the house so I dug the stuff out anyway. I put the snacks in a box and laid them in a place where I know homeless men wonder near. I know that chips and fig newtons aren’t that nutritious but it’s better than nothing.

Found some new markers and a bag of new plastic grocery bags (the eco bags folks use instead of plastic bags). As I was leaving the dumpster the security cop came by as I was getting in my car giving me a weird look as if I were some criminal.

A female dumpster diver is not a threat, especially one who looks like me. I’m a normal middle aged female with long blond hair, I look like an older surfer chick. We exchanged hellos and I drove off.

As I was driving down the alley to go back home, the sheriff or some marked car was parked near the sidewalk. It said patrol or probation sign on the car. When I left the alley he or she followed me a good few miles. Ridiculous, like they have nothing better to do than to follow some middle aged female.

If any cop or security guard is reading this blog, back off us dumpster divers, especially women like me. I’m just gleaning food to help me and others and I don’t leave a mess. Instead of looking at me, why not shine the light on stores who waste food and throw away perfectly good food that could be given to the hungry.


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