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March 11, 2010

Slim Pickins Tonight

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2 chocolate muffins in container, 1 container of cinnamon rolls, 1 magnet timer for the refrigerator, one hair butterfly claw thingy and 1 big box of preztels (in the shape of a Christmas tree).

I’ve had people ask me, do you really eat that stuff? My answer is of course! Now before I make that statement, I carefully pull food. If an item has been opened I do not take it, not worth the contamination. Even if it’s a bag of chips or crackers, if it’s been opened, I don’t take it. I wouldn’t risk my health or my friend’s health that I give stuff to.

Most of the time the retail or grocery clerks throw the stuff out enmasse without opening it and a lot of times the products are thrown out by the distributors who come in and stock their items on the shelf.

If you saw me, you’d know perfectly well it’s apparent I’ve not missed a meal. I’m not obese or skinny, I’m toned and fit.

I find a lot of cosmetics and soaps, unopened. If it’s a cleaning product, I’ll take it if it’s opened, there is no harm that come from that.

Now for those who are squeamish about the produce. How many people do you think have handled that piece of fruit before you purchased at the store? How clean do you think the public or the workers are? That’s why I’m not squeamish about the dumpster. I wash the fruit before I eat it and many times I freeze the fruit for later. Since I consider myself a neo-urban survivalist, stockpiling food is a good idea.


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