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March 23, 2010

Disturbing Incident

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Found a young kid last night sniffing an aerosol can, eyes rolling back in his head and vomiting. He was completely oblivious to me being near him. I immediately called the paramedics. When I first came upon him I wondered why he was just sitting there, then I realized what happened.

The paramedics arrived about 5 minutes later and immediately took him to the nearest hospital. He’s OK and alive.

Why in God’s name do young kids do this? Why? I had a young man in my high school who used to sniff Pam spray. He kept sniffing it and sniffing it and eventually he died, right in front of a bunch of his classmates in a local dairy queen after school. It was a horrifying sight. His Mom and Dad lost a fine young man – a senseless death.


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