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March 30, 2010

Sticker Shock

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Found a huge bag of stickers, envelopes and note cards, candles, 2 boxes of cereal, one new clickable pencil and numerous odds and ends too numerous to mention. (Pictures attached).

Talked to a homeless family tonight at the park. They have 3 kids. Three homeless kids. Next time I see them, I should tell them they should start squatting the empty homes in the area.

I made sure and told them about all the soup kitchens in the area and other places they can find food. I had a huge bag of goodies for a friend, however I took some of that stash and gave it to the homeless couple.

Isn’t this pathetic? In America we have people living out of their car and their van. I talked to one female security guard tonight who is homeless and lives out of her van. She sleeps during the day the my local pigs hassle her constantly. She told me there has been plenty of times they’d bang on her door in the middle of the night and tell her to move. Like she’s a bother.

She’s a middle aged female like me. I talk to her all the time. I told her to park in my neighborhood, no one will bother her. She can tell the cops she’s visiting me and can come in my house and have a hot meal anytime.

Let’s see – we’re spending all this bullshit money on endless wars, bank bailouts for corporate sociopaths, high end salaries for useless federal employees AND our congressman and senators. Good people like my security guard friend and the family I met today are out there in the cold while the scumbags at the top sleep on 1,000 count sheets. I hope they all burn in hell and I really mean that.


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