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April 30, 2010

Living in the Flow

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Found bags and bags of V-Day candy, 3 brand new toys, stickers, pre-cooked meals from a local gourmet grocery store, pears, bananas and apples.

Living in the flow – what does that mean? It means allowing life to happen and being open to recieve allow and relax.

Trust me folks I feel your pain on the economy. There are times I have a great deal of anger and hostility not only to corporate America but to our government in general. Both entities are full of psychopaths, brain dead clueless inept employees who don’t even deserve to have a job.

I had a friend ask me are things that bad that people have to dumpster dive? In some cases yes. Every good thing I find for free is one less thing I have buy myself, thereby more money I can squirrel away.

Since I’ve been dumpster diving I’ve been living in the flow. When I run out of something I usually find it. I was out of produce and viola I found produce last night. I was out of meat, bought some at the grocery store and I found some newly cooked meat thrown out last night.

When you live in the flow you stop worrying about money, you just do. When you’re constantly tense about money and worried about it – employers use that fear against you. Some take it as a license to bully you and intimidate you with statements like you know people are lined up around the block to replace you. If I have an employer or future one tell me that, I tell them hire them then!


April 20, 2010

Good Food

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1 container of frozen salmon, 1 bag of chicken tenders w/teriyaki sauce, dozen bananas, Mr. Goodbar candy bars, M&Ms, a dozen eggs, energy bars, highlight pens, shampoo, and a brand new razor.

I went back to the same shopping center where the security guard was a jerk. He was gone, I guess they don’t need them at night. The day people are much more dangerous (eyes rolled).

April 17, 2010

St. Patty’s Day – Continued

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6 St. Patty’s Day buttons, 2 dozen sticker sheets of shamrocks and other SPD symbols, 1 new bottle of hand lotion, 3 jars of facial cold cream, sanitary pads, gatorade, and other odds and ends.

On my way to the dumpster (which I did today in broad daylight) I had to walk up the stairs. I dropped my keys on the ground and had to bend over and pick them up. Some man drove by in his truck and said “look at that nice ass, that’s what I’m talking about”. Made my day.

April 15, 2010

Care Packages

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Last night I visited a local pub where a friend of mine works. It’s mostly a neighborhood bar filled with working class folks – many of whom have been unemployed or underemployed for a while.

I made a big bag of goodies to give away, Kings Hawaiian Rolls, microwave popcorn, microwave pork rinds (the customers loved these), an apron I made for my friend who works there, some sunscreen and some reader glasses. The reader glasses she will keep at the bar so that in the mornings when people come into to read while they have coffee or cocktails they have something to read the morning paper or a book with.

I had found a brand new Blackberry car charger but it didn’t fit my phone or any of my friends so I thought I’d bring it. One of the customers needed a car charger and it was a perfect fit! I was thrilled and so was he. He offered me a drink but I declined as I don’t drink and drive.

The other bartender who works at another shift got a hair straightener. She was thrilled as hers has worn out and needs a new one.

Another stop was a care package for a friend, more sunscreen (she’s very fair) and a brand new set of computer speakers. Yes dumped in the trash, perfectly fine.

I now send an weekly email to all my friends of my inventory of what I have. They know where it comes from. If they need it, they’ll come by and get it and nine times out of ten, God rewards me with a treat from something or someone else later on. It’s all about karma and tithing. Dumpster diving is my form of tithing I guess you can say.

April 13, 2010

Sunscreen & St. Patty’s Day

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Found about 3 dozen spray cans of 50 proof sunscreen. I can definitely use them.

Also retrieved 2 St. Patty’s ribbons and a 4 leaf clover. I’ll put that in my money sector (good feng shui for extra cash). Tomorrow is a new moon, so any new intention you have start it tomorrow. New moon – new start.

April 10, 2010

Blue Tooth and Bread

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Behind a big office store found the following in the trash bag, 1 new bluetooth, 1 pair of computer speakers,  several electronic odds and ends, paper, pens, staplers and one little purse I can carry my cell phone and ID. It was too cool.

Then on my next store found tons and tons of bread. Went to several parking lots in stores around my area to pass out. Once again people are VERY apprehensive at being approached. I could see it if I looked like some male gang banger, but I’m not. I’m one of the kindest nicest women you’ve ever met. But then again everyone is suspicious and hurting of anyone who is nice to them.

I enjoy helping people and will continue to do so.

April 7, 2010

The Easter Bunny

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Recovered at least $500 worth of easter candy, easter bunnies and tons and tons of easter eggs, shrek lollipops and other shrek candies. The janitor next door took out 10 boxes of candy out of the dumpster for me, gave me 8 boxes to give out and he took 2 boxes to take home to his neighborhood.

I get the same reaction all the time. Some people are shocked, some think I have an agenda and some are thrilled to get something for free. This candy is high end, Russell Stover and other high end brands. The gal at the grocery store thought I was going to rob her (she eventually realized what I was doing, giving out free candy) and one guy told me his gut was too big so he said no.

One little girl was a cute as a bug’s ear. Her mom is in jail and her dad is taking care of her. Ugh, sad sad situation. Beautiful little blue eyed blond kid. She took quite bit of stuff and took some books (a dictionary and a thesaurus). When I asked if the girl looked like his wife, he gave me a dead pan stare and said I’m not married and winked. (alas he’s cute, but way too young for me). I had also recovered an entire bag of brand new hangers. The dad could use the hangers so I gave them to him.

It was a good night.

April 6, 2010

Diet Coke – one shy of a 12 pack

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A 12 pack of Diet Coke (woo hoo!). I get the points, the free diet coke and the CRV value at the recycling center.

Also found a pair of panty hose (black ones that fit!), dandruff shampoo, tweezer w/light (I guess to tweeze at night? WTF?), 1 package of bounce sheets, new makeup in container and 1 bottle of water.

Every single time I run out of something I usually find it. When you live your life in the flow – things will flow to you. I hear so many people air their frustrations about the economy. I feel their pain, but there is one big difference between myself and them, credit card debt.

I’ve not had credit card debt in over 20 years and don’t intend on getting into it again. If I can’t afford I don’t buy it or I usually find it. I wish I would have found dumpster diving 20 years ago. What a difference to my bottom line would I have had.

But now, if I dine out at a fast food joint, I use a coupon. I rarely dine out at a resturant. I’m a good tipper and if I can’t afford to tip decent I don’t dine out. I mostly cook at home.

I’m modest in dress and surroundings. In the winter I wear jeans and nice shirts. I have a few dresses I wear on special occasions. I also sew so if I need something, I can find some cheap fabric and make it.

I have 3 pair of jeans I bought at Wal-Mart for $5 each. In the summer I wear capris and flip flops and do my own pedicures. Saves money. I also do my own hair and even cut my own hair. (Only a trim). I find that keeping my hair long is actually easier to take care off. If I don’t want to blow dry it, I put it up in a bun.

April 3, 2010

Not a Good Friday

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So I thought I’d go behind a retail store and see what they threw out. I looked in the dumpsters, found nothing and was walking back to my car. One of the reasons I went there yesterday was to see if the mailmen were still throwing out mail. On several occasions I found mail in those dumpsters – loads of mail – tons of catalogs and personal mail. The Security Guard (a young white male) got really shitty with me. He said you don’t need to be back here and was a jerk! I said if I were a gangbanger or some skateboarding kid here, you wouldn’t say a word. I said the ONLY reason you’re attacking me is because I’m a middle aged white female whom you think it’s OK to pick on. I went home, called his supervisor and the corporate office.
Shit hit the fan. The manager of that store said we have people going through those dumpsters all the time. I don’t have a problem with it. I’ll give you the property management’s office number and you can call her. He said be forewarned she’s not very nice. So I called her and she had an attitude big time. She said I don’t want people going through the dumpsters – they make a mess. I said well I don’t. I said you’re a disgrace to humanity. I said I hope one day you’re not unemployed and need to go through the dumpsters to find food and other stuff to survive, you mean little bitch and I hung up on her.
Then I thought I’ll go to my other dive area and before I go to the store I’ll go into my local branch and tell all the tellers there Happy Easter. I pulled up to the bank and felt funny. All of a sudden I saw cops everywhere and out of the blue a Black Surburban FLEW down the alley. That was the bank robber escaping. Had I came in 5 minutes earlier I would have been robbed. 2 bandits with socks over their heads, with shotguns robbed the bank and robbed everyone in it. When I saw 2 cops with long range shotguns I knew something was up. I’ll never forget that man’s face that drove off. It scared the shit out of me. I gave a description to the cops as he was masked inside.
What a day! Whew!

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