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April 15, 2010

Care Packages

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Last night I visited a local pub where a friend of mine works. It’s mostly a neighborhood bar filled with working class folks – many of whom have been unemployed or underemployed for a while.

I made a big bag of goodies to give away, Kings Hawaiian Rolls, microwave popcorn, microwave pork rinds (the customers loved these), an apron I made for my friend who works there, some sunscreen and some reader glasses. The reader glasses she will keep at the bar so that in the mornings when people come into to read while they have coffee or cocktails they have something to read the morning paper or a book with.

I had found a brand new Blackberry car charger but it didn’t fit my phone or any of my friends so I thought I’d bring it. One of the customers needed a car charger and it was a perfect fit! I was thrilled and so was he. He offered me a drink but I declined as I don’t drink and drive.

The other bartender who works at another shift got a hair straightener. She was thrilled as hers has worn out and needs a new one.

Another stop was a care package for a friend, more sunscreen (she’s very fair) and a brand new set of computer speakers. Yes dumped in the trash, perfectly fine.

I now send an weekly email to all my friends of my inventory of what I have. They know where it comes from. If they need it, they’ll come by and get it and nine times out of ten, God rewards me with a treat from something or someone else later on. It’s all about karma and tithing. Dumpster diving is my form of tithing I guess you can say.


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