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September 23, 2010


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I’ve been on the road for over a month now. The last few months I’ve not been finding that much stuff and my dives were few and far between.

I had to move out of California, a state I loved and called home. With the influx of  corrupt politicians and resentment towards middle aged women like me and a horrible job market, I had to leave.

I’ve went across the entire west coast and am now in the midwest visiting family. My road trip will cover the east coast and the smoky mountains as I look for a place I can call home and feel good about.

It’s hard to dumpster dive when you’re traveling. But diving has saved me a ton of money. By diving and not having to buy a lot of my toiletries, electronics and other goods, that has allowed me to save money in order to have this freedom of traveling.

I will be posting on my blog now regularly and will be giving you updates of my travels across the country and what is going in REAL America.

This one thing I do know, when you’re out of Southern California, people are nicer, more polite and actually have manners. What a concept.


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