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January 30, 2011

Odds and Ends

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2 Turby Twists, 1 bottle of Renegerist Cold Cream, Duracell batteries with Phillips screwdriver (promo item), Sanitary pads, Similac and trash bags.

Tried to get more but the paramedics come on the scene. I guess someone had a medical emergency in the parking lot. Firefighters, cops are a bad idea when you’re diving, so I left. But very good finds. I love those turby twists, they are great for people who have long hair like me who’s hair is hard to dry.

January 24, 2011

Beauty Shop Finds

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Pictures attached to this post.

Carpet remnants for my the back of my truck and my house.

Eye makeup, body oil, makeup and brushes.

Found 1 hair iron and 3 curling irons. All had the cords cut deliberately. God that makes me angry. My boyfriend knows how to repair these. He will solder a new cord back into the curling irons we found and the one hair flattener.

I will give these to the working poor women in my community who could use these. I find it despicable that they would throw these items out and deliberately cut the cord.

January 18, 2011

Tuesday Night Finds

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Found 9 boxes of Nutter Butter brand name cookies.

Super tool with flash light, stainless steel.

1 box of pop tarts

1 container Crescent Biscuits

Fruit cups (sealed)

Brand new outdoor chair cushion (never used)

Didn’t have enough room (had a lot more I could have taken, toys, etc).

We’re going back tonight to get a plethora of carpet remnants.

January 17, 2011

Couples Diving

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Went out last night with my boyfriend to dumpster dive.

We found tons of Christmas decorations, coffee cups, wrapping paper, cookies, gift boxes and gift bags, 2 boxes of gingerbread houses and any other things to numerous to mention.

He was aghast at all the stuff that was thrown away. Just blown away by it all. The

entire dumpster was full. I could have literally filled up my truck and then some if I would have came back. When you dumpster dive and it’s a well lit parking lot, you dine and dash. You’re in and out in less than 15 minutes. Any more than that and you run the risk of store personnel or the police coming by.

I will take these items and store them in our warehouse for Christmas 2011. Surely someone will need those things.

January 3, 2011

Dumpster Diving Rules

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1. Scout your territory during the day. Do your recon and check out the lay of the land during the day so you’re not skulking around and looking suspicious.

2. Dive at night but not too late. If you’re a woman like me, be careful, carry mace on you OR take a buddy.

3. If a manager approaches you and gets snippy or nasty, don’t argue, leave. That goes for security guards as well. I’ve found that when a manager or guard gets really nasty there is something in that dumpster THEY want and they want you gone.

4. Check your local ordinances. You can be arrested for trespassing.

5. Don’t pick or cut a lock, it’s NOT worth it.

6. Make friends with your local security guards in the malls or areas you wanna dive. I used to bring them candy, cookies and baked goods. Many of them I did their taxes at no charge. That big refund they got from the IRS came in real handy and they always looked the other way when I drove by.

Diving has made me VERY street smart. I’m a lot better sussing someone out in my personal or business life than ever before. There is something to be said being out at night with the invisible people. They can tell you many stories.

January 2, 2011

Love Struck Renovation

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I’m now living in South Florida with my new beloved. A man I met online who is also a dumpster diver like myself. We met, hit it off, fell deeply in love and I’m now living in his home in South Florida and I’ve never been happier. We will more than likely marry in 2011.

Prior to coming to South Florida I was living in his other retirement home in NW Alabama. A wonderful place to live. The Alabama house is an older home that had been abandoned and sat empty for years. He bought the home for a very cheap price. After meeting him online I came to his Alabama home to help him renovate and insulate the house.

I spent almost 2 months at his home. After being at his home for almost 2 weeks, I picked him up at the airport and it was like at first sight. The rest is history.

I learned a lot about fixing up an older home and the contractor that fixed on our house is a dumpster diver as well! While living in NW Alabama I found plenty of food and things for the house that I needed. Once again, once I needed something, I usually found it a few days later.

The last 3 weeks I’ve not done any diving as I’ve been sort of honeymooning with my new beloved. He and I both have been single for a long time and are making up for lost time. Once I get to know the area and can dive again, I’ll be out and about every single night.

Happy New Year to all of us.

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