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March 31, 2011

I got married today

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Hey y’all. Got married today at the courthouse. Second wedding for the both of us. I’m a widow and he’s a divorcee. Sending much love and light to all of you!

March 21, 2011

March Finds – Increased Food Prices

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I’ve been on vacation and dividing my time between two states.

Good finds last night. 14 containers of Hummus, 2 packages of muffins, 3 containers of cherry Sunny Delight punch, and about 3 dozen packages of high end cheddar cheese and cheese slices.

My boyfriend was APPALLED at what was thrown away. It really shook him up. He was floored at the waste. He kept telling me over and over again last night how people all over the world are going hungry and this food is being thrown out.

I’m not surprised anymore. I’ve been doing this too long.

These are hard times folks. I’m back to living in the flow, donating food to those who need it and freezing it for when times get tough. Food prices are continuing to rise. So stockpile now. Beans, rice, canned vegetables, spam (yes spam), oatmeal, tea bags, coffee, anything you can.

A few weeks ago found 2 dozen bouquet of flowers and about 3 dozen containers of muffins. Froze them all, muffins good for breakfast.

I figure if things get really tough and we need to feed others, stockpiling my freezer is a good thing.

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