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April 17, 2011

Full Moon and Telescopes

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Mother load of finds again tonight! Yes!

My wonderful husband jumped into the dumpster (it’s so much nicer to dive with someone) and was all stoked when he saw the 2 telescopes. I’d been talking about one for months that I so wanted one. I love looking at the stars and the moon with one. When I lived in NY, I used to go to the Hayden Planetarium all the time to see the laser light shows and the astronomy shows.

2 telescopes, 3 bags of diapers, half a dozen brand new lipsticks, cosmetics, fig newtons, the list is endless. I saw the craters on the moon tonight with the telescope. A few neighbor kids came by while my husband and I were outside trying to focus in on the moon. They were fascinated with the telescope. We had a short conversation about astronomy. Kids love that stuff.

Brand new DVD player in the trash, in the box, intact. Someone could use that. I’ll find someone who can use that and give it to them.

I was running out of makeup and bought some eye shadow tonight. Every single time I buy someone and I run out, inevitably I find it! (pictures attached). This is high end stuff that I myself will use. I like looking nice but makeup has gotten SO expensive that I tend to not buy the stuff I really like.

I have 3 bags of infant diapers I’ll be giving to a young mother with an infant child. I just need to find her to give to her a bag of diapers. I’ll also give her a container of Similac (when I checked the price of Similac I almost fell over, it’s very expensive and many young mothers just can’t afford it) along with the diapers.

We’re running out of room in our small house for all our finds. It’s time to start giving the stuff away. The law of reciprocity never fails me. I’ve been diving since the latter part of 2008. I started this blog about a year later after my friends insisted I share my finds with the world.

We divers are a different breed of people, maybe a little nuts, but who cares?

I find it morally repugnant to allow this stuff to go to waste. Why buy things when I can find them. I’m also doing these stores a favor. Less waste that the waste management has to haul for them, the less their trash bill. Plus all that stuff stays out of the landfill.

As it says in the bible as you do among the least of them, you do unto me.

God watches when we perform these random acts of kindness. A tally is made on our side when we treat others well. I once was told by a wise woman people treat others how they feel about themselves. Let that sink in.

People treat others as they feel about themselves. Is that not the god awful truth?

April 14, 2011

Redneck Oasis

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Brand new remnant carpet. Using several strips in my carport. As it gets hotter outside in Florida I usually sit outside to cook and eat. I try not to use the AC until I absolutely have to. Saves energy and puts less stress on mother earth, PLUS natural fresh air is far better. I’m firmly committed to reducing my carbon footprint.

There is a local store who throws away perfectly brand new carpet on a daily basis.

I’m giving the rest of the carpet away to those who need it. With so many foreclosed homes in my area, there are plenty of people who may be purchasing those foreclosed homes (the working poor) who could use the carpet. That’s my target audience.

The dolly was thrown in the trash. The only thing wrong with it was that the right wheel was missing a few bolts. My hubby put in new bolts from his toolbox (men can never have enough tools) and now it’s fully functional and free!

That dolly would have ended up in a landfill FOREVER. Now we have one and will use it quite frequently.

We’re also setting up a little oasis in our backyard. Since gas is so costly we’re reducing our time driving to the beach. I’ve put up a little kiddy pool that’s about 2 foot deep. It’s wide and long enough to sit in, splash around and just cool off. I can sit in my little kiddy pool I bought at Target and drink a cool glass of lemonade.

Secondly, I bought a tent that holds ten people and is 6.2 foot tall. At night when my hubby gets home, we can splash around in our little pool and then sit in the tent, have dinner (the bugs get really bad here) and watch the stars. Cheap fun and wholesome therapy.

I call it my redneck oasis. Will be posting pics soon as we get it set up.

Next Friday is Earth Day and Good Friday. Stand next to a tree and give blessings to mother earth.

April 12, 2011

Living Homeless

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Some tips I’ve found that will help my fellow brothers and sisters who may be homeless and living out of their vehicles.

1. Get a Costco membership. $50 a year. Gas is cheaper and the food court is cheap. I can buy a hotdog/soda combo for $1.50. Add to that a slice of pizza when you’re really hungry and lunch is $4, including tax in most locales. You can also get a chef salad if you want to eat healthy. Grazing at Costco with the food samplers is another way to supplement your meals.

2. State parks. Most are very well kept, clean and heavily patrolled. I think most law enforcement agencies know many Americans are homeless and that they’re sleeping in state parks during the day. I was amazed at how clean some of the ones were that we stopped by. You can take a shower and take a cat nap in your car, van or motor home.

3. 24 hour gyms like Family Fitness. You can purchase a 2 year membership at Costco for $299. You can use that gym membership to workout and shower. Something you can’t get if you’re living in your van or truck. Even on your days off from working out, you can go into family fitness, shower and clean up. Maybe even relax and sit in the jacuzzi.

4. Those who are living in their vans should try and work graveyard or night shift. That way if they need to sleep during the day at a local Wal-Mart, state park or back alley of a strip mall (many of which now are unoccupied) you’re a lot safer, especially if you’re traveling alone.

5. AAA membership is a must. AAA follows you, not the car. That way if you have a flat tire, run out of gas or need a locksmith, you’re covered.

6. Movie theatres. Buy a ticket at your local discount movie theatre for a couple of movies. Don’t theatre hop and break the law, pay your way. Especially in the summer where it’s hot during the day and you need to cool off.

7. Take out food. Many times a restaurant will have specials that will still be the same low price (even with coupons) for takeout. This way you avoid having to leave a tip (which many of us can’t afford now) and eat either at the park, beach or state park.

8. Carry a survival box. Flare gun, compass, inflateable tire pump, umbrellas, fishing net, fix a flat, wet wipes, first-aid kit, funnel for putting into vehicle fluids.

Many law enforcement treat homelessness as if it were a disease but more and more Americans are being forced out of their homes or apartments. You must protect yourself.

The last few years I’ve been dumpster diving, travelling across the nation has given me a new perspective on life. What is important and what is not.

What IS important, family, friends, love, good health and community.

What is NOT important? Buying more stuff and accumulating more debt. We’ve been working more hours to buy more stuff and accumulate more debt, for what? To pay into the system. What has the system done for you lately?

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