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May 27, 2011

Dark Chocolate

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On my way back from errands tonight decided to stop off at my usual route where I normally find stuff. The entire dumpster was full.

Salsa (fantastic taste, all new salsa)

Cheese Dip (great for nachos)

Bandaids (good for first aid kit)

Body Lotion (lotion is not cheap and this was high end stuff)

Hair Gel

South Beach energy bars (good for traveling and survival food)

1 jar of peanuts

2 funky cups with the funny straws (I guess I can make my hubby and I a mango margarita from our mango tree)

1 bottle of Carrot/Orange Juice

1 bottle of Gummy vitamins

When my hubby gets home from work I’m going to make another trip with him and get the rest! Woo Hoo!

Went back and got the rest and retrieved two more bags of the same.

May 22, 2011

Office Supplies

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My husband and I decided to take the day off from chores and have some fun at a local event. We had a great time.

On the way home we decided to check a large strip mall in our area. Boy am I glad we did.

The entire back of the strip mall had tons of dumpsters. All way in the back out of the public eye. If the cameras were on, I’m sure they saw us. But once again, when we dumpster dive, we’re in and out, don’t leave a mess and sometimes leave it cleaner than when we got there.

Retrieved from dumpster: dual sided tape, #2 pens, post-it notes, a digital camera (camera was missing but all the attachments were there, which could be sold on E-bay or Amazon), 2 lucite shelving units (one I’ve already used in our small bathroom, placed some dual sided tape on them, pasted it to the wall and it’s now a recycled container being used for Toilet paper), 2 brand new desk organizers, 1 new container of hair conditioner (it had a crack on the bottom, so I taped it up and it’s now ready to be used), tons and tons of nuts and bolts, a dozen pair of gloves and 2 rubber maid storage units (the lids were missing but I’m sure we’ll find lids on down the road).

Plastic containers are good for paperwork and clothing storage, especially if you live in a tornado or hurricane zone. Glass containers are good for storing food, keeps the bugs out.

We’ve really been on a roll finding all this stuff. It will be put to good use. Either it will be donated to someone who can use it OR we’ll use it and thereby keeping it out of the landfills.

May 19, 2011

Free Energy and fresh mangos

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My frugal husband set up a  75 foot clothesline in our backyard this morning. Have done 2 loads of wash and they’re almost dry. Fresh from the sun. We both wish we would have done this months ago. With the hot Florida sun (and if you hang out clothes during the mid-day) your clothes will be ready in about an hour.

Saves electricity and keeps money out of the system. That means more money saved to be spent in the local community.

We have a mango tree that produces SUCCULENT mangos. We have so many we’re freezing them. Can be used later for mango as a dessert or even better mango margaritas! Yee haw. Some seeds have dropped on the ground. We will save those and gave those away to a local organic farmer. These are non-hybrid seeds that will produce many a harvest for a local person like myself.

May 18, 2011

Twitter Account – UrbanFreegan

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I have added a twitter account. Yes I’m now in the information age. I hope by tweeting I can help change the planet one dumpster at a time. Hopefully this will encourage others to give to those less fortuante and recycle more.

The less full our landfills are the better.

We are on a hamster wheel. We are purchasing things to impress people that may or may not like us or approve of us.

Buying useless stuff, overeating, over drinking or using illegal drugs is only done to fill a void or an empty space.

How about filling that space with God, light, love, family, healthy organic foods, healthy sweaty exercise, meditation, saying hi to your neighbor and just being a good person.

Isn’t that enough?

May 12, 2011

Stuff, Stuff and More Stuff

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Last night I got out of the house to bring my husband’s dinner to his plant. I had an overwhelming urge to dive at my local spot. Lord have mercy, I filled my entire truck up. 3 purses with lotions, laptop bags and makeup bags, 1 new thing of lipstick, 1 new container of mascara, 1 full box of easter egg candies, 1 full box of gift wrap bags, 1 full box of electric candles (they only work in the dark as they have a sensor), an electric guitar for kids, 1 hamster kit, about 3 dozen candles, 4 beach bags, 1 jewelry box, candy, balloon kit to make balloon animals with a pump and 1 sprayer for a pressure washing machine.

I’m grateful that this time they threw the stuff intact in boxes. I literally picked up the boxes and hauled them in my truck.

I had hurt my ankle this week and was unable to do my usual vigorous workout routine. Last night I had a MAJOR workout. It took me an hour to load up my truck, unload it home and put it away. I’m a organizational freak so everything has to be in it’s place.

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