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May 22, 2011

Office Supplies

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My husband and I decided to take the day off from chores and have some fun at a local event. We had a great time.

On the way home we decided to check a large strip mall in our area. Boy am I glad we did.

The entire back of the strip mall had tons of dumpsters. All way in the back out of the public eye. If the cameras were on, I’m sure they saw us. But once again, when we dumpster dive, we’re in and out, don’t leave a mess and sometimes leave it cleaner than when we got there.

Retrieved from dumpster: dual sided tape, #2 pens, post-it notes, a digital camera (camera was missing but all the attachments were there, which could be sold on E-bay or Amazon), 2 lucite shelving units (one I’ve already used in our small bathroom, placed some dual sided tape on them, pasted it to the wall and it’s now a recycled container being used for Toilet paper), 2 brand new desk organizers, 1 new container of hair conditioner (it had a crack on the bottom, so I taped it up and it’s now ready to be used), tons and tons of nuts and bolts, a dozen pair of gloves and 2 rubber maid storage units (the lids were missing but I’m sure we’ll find lids on down the road).

Plastic containers are good for paperwork and clothing storage, especially if you live in a tornado or hurricane zone. Glass containers are good for storing food, keeps the bugs out.

We’ve really been on a roll finding all this stuff. It will be put to good use. Either it will be donated to someone who can use it OR we’ll use it and thereby keeping it out of the landfills.


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