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June 26, 2011

Road Trip

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Going on vacation in a few days. Last night retrieved out of the trash, raisins, energy bars and cereal. The boxes were wet from the rain but the cereal was intact on the inside. My hubby and I are taking a vacation and visiting family and friends who weren’t at our wedding since we eloped.

Since we usually don’t stay in hotels unless we have to, we’ll be taking breaks every few hours on the rest areas on the highway. Nine times out of 10 we usually encounter a homeless man or woman or family or families who could use free food. We’re also bringing the toys to donate as well.

This is a picture of last night’s finds.

Road Trip


June 22, 2011

Dine and Dash

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Had to do some serious meat shopping tonight. Stopped at a huge discount store that I normally find to be pretty ethical on how they treat their staff and their customers. Something disturbed me. I was going to buy a bucket of potato salad. I have decided dining out is a no no and date night is a picnic lunch at the ocean. There were about 100 gallons of potato salad in the refrigerated container. All were dated to expire, tomorrow June 23rd.

So I asked the manager if he was going to either give a huge discount on them or give them away. Oh no we can’t do that. We send them back in a refrigerated container and get store credit. I said let me get this straight. You’re going to send back 100 containers of potato salad for “store credit”. This will go on a refrigerated truck, using precious fuel and polluting the planet for “store credit”. I said this is absurd.

I said here’s a thought. Why don’t you take all those potato salads off the shelf and GIVE those away right now to the customers in the store. You have plenty of families who come into this store who are hurting. These same families bought food from your store lining your pockets and your bosses pockets with income. OR sell them to me at a discount price, I’ll haul them in my truck and give them out to the hungry myself. He said Ma’am I cannot do that. I said OK. I wanted to plant the seed.

So tomorrow, this store’s corporate office is getting a phone call from me personally.

I come back home and put away all my food. Then I decided to go back out. I stopped at one of my local haunts for dumpster diving. The stuff they were going to throw out was sitting on the ground ready to be thrown out. I drove by like a super dumpster diving sleuth grabbed 2 bags of trash and took them home.

Tons and tons of good new stuff. Some for my stockpile and some for those who could use it. I don’t have to work, my hubby makes good money, but MANY of my readers are hurting and in a big way. If I can give some goodies to those who need it, then that works for me.

Be kind to each other, we’re all hurting or traumatized in some way from this economy. A little kindness goes a long way.

Dine and Dash

June 21, 2011

School Supplies

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After conducting commerce tonight, decided to try out another strip mall that is actually pretty dead right now. I call these ghost malls. VERY few customers. What galls me is that in this time of rampant unemployment major companies are still hiring men and women in retail who are sullen, rude and just plain I don’t give a damn attitude.

Right now I don’t have to work as I’m a full time housewife and homemaker to my new husband. I don’t need to work now as he makes a pretty good living. He takes care of the outside and I take care of the inside.

But with all the good men and women out of work, I still continue to encounter on a regular basis these type of retail employees. I’m always very chatty to retail clerks and anyone in the service sector as I used to work as a retail employee and a waitress when I was younger to put food on the table.

We have a huge class of men and women who in their 40’s and 50’s who were former middle manager who would love to have a job and these companies continue to hire these ungrateful clerks.

Enough of my rant!

Recovered new out of the trash, a $30 stapler, a ream of paper, 1 audio cable, 1 flashlight with a light on it and a new filing rack (similar to what you’d put letters and papers in). Brand new.

The school supplies will be donated to a local school this week. The administrative offices are open.

The rest of the stuff we’ve found is going to a new home. My husband and I are going to a local church picnic this weekend. We were told not to bring food, just the two of us. I do know for a fact that many a young couple with children and others will be there. I will be bring several boxes to donate to the church. What they do with them is their business.

I’ve found that when I donate and not hoard my finds, God always sends me more.

June 19, 2011

Makeup Brushes and the Law of Attraction

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Makeup Brushes

Yesterday was the day for food shopping. I’ve eschewed these large corporate food chains (who exploit workers and feed us garbage) and fast foods (who do the same) and cook at home 99% of the time. Our only dining out now is local family restaurants on special occasions, date night and while traveling.

Last night we visited for the first time a local Spanish market. The place was impeccably clean, the staff spoke English and those who didn’t found you one who did and the food prices were fair. We decided to get some fresh chicken to cook on the BBQ and a little dessert later. The bakery sells desserts for one portion. If I have an entire cake I become a glutton and want to eat the whole thing.

Before food shopping, we decided to hit a few malls. Found makeup, office supplies, probably a year’s worth of trash bags (new) and other odds and ends. The pet food went to our neighbor who just bought a dog (the pet food was way before sell date) and the makeup will be distributed to local needy women.

So today, I realize I needed new makeup brushes. Went to Target and bought 4 new brushes at a good price. Guess what I found when we left the parking lot in a local full dumpster? A brand new bag of makeup brushes.

The law of attraction works ladies and gentleman. But you have to believe the universe will provide and then get out of your own way! The makeup brush was a small manifestation of what happens when you relax and let go.

June 12, 2011

Catch of the Day

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I’m beat! More and more stuff. Pics included. I’ve got so much cosmetics I have to start giving them away. Hoarding to me is a sin. With so many women and men out of work it’s imperative I walk the walk and give some stuff away. Everytime I give a ton of stuff away, I find more the next week. There is plenty for all of us. This is an abundant universe.

Catch of the Day

June 11, 2011

Getting What You Need When You Need it

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Portable CD/DVD/TV/mp3 player (new in box) THROWN IN THE TRASH!. I was STOKED when I retrieved this. I’d been wanting to buy one for years. I had planned on using this to play my workout DVD’s. That way if I was at a hotel room, traveling or renting a room, I could at least do my yoga workouts or my other workouts. I can also use my digital box converter to tap into the free channels instead of paying money for cable.

Dozen clippers, blow dryers – all had been cut. My spouse knows how to fix these so. There was about 5 razors, 2 high end blow dryers and 2 flat irons. Some needy woman is going to need that blow dryer or flat iron. Some young single mom or working poor man could use those clipper to cut their hair or beard.

Bottle of liquid Vitamin B12, good for when you have a cold or you’re run down. Many of us are run down now. With all the lousy news in the economy and being overworked and underpaid, we’re malnourished.

New bottle of Ibuprofen

4 capes for hairdressers

4 boxes of international electrical outlet converters (can sell these at a swap meet for our foreign travelers).

Cosmetics (I’m now stocked up for at least a year, what I can’t use I’ll give away).

Shower gel, Shampoo, Leave in conditioner

Batteries (AA)

12 pack of toilet paper (yes you read that right, toilet paper, brand new in the package).

Shelves and shelving brackets,my husband was going to buy some, but since we found them, we can now set up shelves in our house to house all our finds.

Brand new baby bottle (I now have 2 and a box of formula that was dumped in the trash). Perfect for a new mommy. I also have bags and bags of diapers. I’m just waiting to find someone who needs them.

June 5, 2011

Firewood and St. Patty’s Day

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My hubby was so tired from work we didn’t do any diving last night. We’ve been spending time at home more watching DVD’s, documentaries and movies. I find mainstream TV is lame, puts me to sleep and doesn’t tell all sides of the story across the planet. It’s all about spend spend spend and waste waste waste.

We’ve been cooking at home 99% of the time. One night a week during the week we have date night. It’s less expensive to eat out during the week and less crowded. I do notice that even on the weekends when we go food shopping, there is a marked decrease in traffic and customers.

So today being a techno geek I’ve finally learned how to link my laptop to our TV so I can watch documentaries I have on my hard drive on our Hi Def TV. What a delight that is.

So we left the house to dive this afternoon. Found 5 boxes of precut firewood, a manicure kit, a child’s toy, 1 children’s book with DVD, St. Patty’s day stickers, soda can holders (cozies), eye liner, 2 new frames intact. One older cookbook on crockpot cooking and one book for home repair.

We also found a HP deskjet CD to install the software for a particular laser printer. I’m saving it. Someone on down the road will buy that type of printer, maybe used with no software to load it. I’ll then have it.

On another note, if you have manuals for certains products and you no longer have the products, SAVE THE MANUALS. There is a man in the east coast who is now selling manuals. People are buying used products from garage sales and cannot find the manuals. He’s selling these manuals and making some extra money.

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