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July 27, 2011

Back from Road Trip – manifesting what you want

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pink blanket

Went on a 4,425 mile trip to see family and friends in 3 weeks. That’s a LOT of driving. On the way to see loved ones, passed out many a candy bar, bag of chips, crackers or bottled water to weary travelers who were less fortunate than myself. It was good to see family and friends and to meet my new dear mother-in-law. I’m lucky; I have a good one and good husband. After that exhausting trip, came straight home and did nothing for a few days. As a middle aged woman that type of trip takes a lot out of you. It did my husband as well. I insisted that he pace himself as he spreads himself too thin. He’s sometimes TOO nice and promises more than his physical body could do.

We did some dumpster diving in his home state. We found a crate of Febreeze (one bottle was smashed so the entire case was dumped). We gave half of that away. We also found one case of pickled vegetables in jars. One jar was broken and the rest was thrown in the trash – perfectly good of course. Gave away half of our finds to others on the road.

Dived twice since I’ve been back. The other night found a ton of 4th of July trinkets which we will give away to the kidlets. On the way to our first store I told my husband that I wanted to find a razor to match the blades we’d found and I’d like to find some chips. Guess what was in the dumpster? A brand new Mach 3 razor kit unopened and dozen bags of new chips.

Manifestation works. You have to believe that it is.

Tonight found a beautiful little dog sculpture that has beaded glass all over it. You’re supposed to put a candle in it to light up the beads. Also retrieved a bulb for the garden. Simply beautiful. Also found a dozen of odds and ends for plumbing work that my husband can use for repairs. Found a new flashlight for diving.

Isn’t life wonderful?

 This economy is really terrible and I feel really bad for those who are hurting. I’ve been there.

So if in my little way I can help others with fruit, toys, crackers or chips, then I will. While we were driving and in hotels I made a new blanket (crocheted) for the house. I like it, I think all my readers will like it.


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