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September 14, 2011

Another Road Trip – More Dumpster Diving

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My husband and I are on a much needed honeymoon. With his insane work hours, we’ve never had a real chance to be a couple. Now we’re relaxing in the woods in our southern home.

Our entertainment consists of watching the fireflies, having a bonfire, cooking healthy meals at home and reading. Instead of FDR’s fireside chat, we have cocktail hour, some good conversation and reading some good books.

Our goal is to be retired and out of the city in a few months. I cannot wait. City living is much too stressful for me anymore. When I was younger and single, living in an urban area, clubbing, shopping and gabbing on the phone with women friends was my life, no more.

The last 2 nights we’ve recovered quite a bit of produce and one small change purse for me (brand new of course).

I have so much cosmetics and hair care products, they either will be sold at a garage sale or given away. So our local postal clerk (a woman) got a lovely bottle of hand creme from me. I put a note on it and said a little treat for you. I liked doing that.

Our RV/van broke down today. My hubby had to leave it at the local store, blocking some of the way. The owner was totally nice about it. So tonight I gave his wife some high end hand creme (hand creme is safe to give any woman) and said thank you for being so nice about our van being there and not towing it.

The town we’re in has a lot of poverty. So the stores throwing food away makes me crazy. So I’ll glean it and give it away to those who could use it.

It’s a complete misnomer about the South and how backwards people are here. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve found the sweetest kindest people here in the South. Many of them are poor but proud. Some have their emotional demons like city folk, but not that often.

There is no TV in this house and I do not miss it at all.

Lastly, be kind to each other and to yourself.


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