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September 24, 2011

My New Clarinet and Today’s Youth

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I attended a local artisan fair last night. Thousands of people and many many local vendors. We decided to stop in a local music shop. When I walked in the place was dead, I mean dead. I had my eye on purchasing a new clarinet for a long time. I started playing when I was 9. I was first chair clarinet for years in my HS band. After college I played in a local jazz band for a while. It was a lot of fun.

But marriage, living in the big city, working at a large corporation took most of my time, so the clarinet went on the back burner.

At first the kids who worked in the store didn’t think they had one. They had one in the back with a brand new case. I bought it! I think they thought I was just BS’ing around and had no intention of buying, little do they know about me.

If anyone knows me personally, I’m a woman of action. I grew up old-fashioned. My word was my bond. If I told you I was going to do it, I did.

After I bought the clarinet 2 young men sat on the couch across from my spouse and I. My husband engaged with the young man over his guitar. I asked him if he played acoustic or electric guitar, he said both. Then we started a huge discussion of the slide guitar, classic rock, various instruments and so on.

Another young man sat down. The two young kids who were previously shy, opened up like a flower. It was instantaneous. Then two more young kids came over, a couple (man and woman). They were quite intrigued at our conversation.

So it hit me like a ton of bricks. The reason so many of our young people are all tattooed and pierced up is for 2 reasons, they view it as an art form AND they want to be noticed. Like the little kid who says look at me, look at me!!!!

So many of these kids are home alone for 3-4 hours before the parents come home. Dinner is processed GMO food which is completely devoid of nutrients. Momma and Daddy are working their butts off to give the kids a good life, while the kids are STARVING for affection, attention and conversation. So when the kids don’t get it, they surf the internet, listen to their IPOD’s, text ad nauseam because they need to talk to someone.

Many of us (and I’m guilty of this) overlook the very young and the very old. The very young are technologically savvy, so we could learn a lot from them and the very old have a great deal of wisdom (especially cooking and the prepping lifestyle) that we could all stand to learn from.

If you’re a parent shut off the TV and talk to your kids. What’s more important? That new car or your children?

Think about it. If they don’t talk to you, they’ll talk to someone else and that person may or may not have the best intentions.



  1. I’d dearly love to see those last 7 paragraphs (thoughts) go viral. As a matter of fact, after this posts, I’m copying the page and emailing it to my entire email list.

    The WWW seems to have killed body language, sound and sight as a part of meaningful communication.
    Intimacy, passion (outside of sex) is MIA.

    Animated and personal communication really should be revived.

    I watched a woman yesterday at a store. She seemed detached and out of place. She didn’t engage anyone in conversation and no one talked to her in any meaningful sense. She left before I got the chance.
    Reasons are probably many, but if people were more in tune with what Americanism was really all about, I’d bet dollars to dirt that her visit to our town would have been a delightful and emotionally satisfying adventure.

    It seems to me that, for any number of reasons, people are afraid to connect … share ideas without argument … let their guard down long enough to make a new friend.

    I really detest the current “we vs they” mentality spawned by our own government and promoted by talking heads in the media, like: Republicans vs Democrats, hetero vs homo, fascism vs capitalism, saving vs spending.

    We are either smart enough to think outside of that box and develop our own thoughts based on our own knowledge, experience and desires or we will cave in and play a never-ending game of checkers for dummies. (red vs black)

    If the former, we can change or transform people to accept the responsibility to change the current system into one that benefits people and leaves everyone free and content.
    Also … you don’t have to get in the pig pen to feed the pigs and you don’t have to condone bad behavior by embracing people you detest.
    Wisdom is befriending those who want to make a positive and moral difference. Irresponsible people make lousy responsible friends.

    However, “change” begins with you and me.
    Are we going to continue to be polite and superficial or are we going to start a viral communications policy of genuine caring and concern???

    Example that I really hate:
    2 people are approaching each other.
    Rather than be rude, they exchange a “polite” how are ya? or how’s it going?
    And neither of them give a damn about the other person or how life’s going for them.

    Know what I mean? People are too busy with their own life to give a damn about someone they don’t know and the reason is: We’ve been taught to be “polite and superficial” so that our government can accomplish the “class struggle” REQUIRED to institute SOCIALISM!

    If it’s to be – it’s up to you and me.

    So. What are YOU going to do the next time YOU encounter a stranger?

    Me? Well, I hate socialism, so I’m bucking the intended and current system.

    (Thank you Miss J for the platform to convey this communication!)

    Comment by Ghost — September 24, 2011 @ 2:34 pm

  2. You’re most welcome Ghost. Not only were these young people engaged with us, I could feel the energy of the entire room buzzing. After J and I left, the entire store was buzzing all night. Now mind you when we got to the street fair, that store was dead and continued to be dead until we got there.

    I was excited as all get out to get that clarinet. When the kid who worked there first told me they didn’t have a clarinet I was bummed. I said really? Would you look in the back? Then finally the female store employee said we may have one in the back. He brought it out and I immediately took it out of the case and put it together. We talked for a few minutes and I said I’ll take it! The MINUTE I said that, the store started buzzing and people were coming in left and right. Sounds like to me it was a real manifestation of prosperity for just one excited individual to come in. I truly believe that the energy J and I came in drew people to that store like moths to a flame.

    There was 5 kids totally having an authentic conversation with my husband and I. The one kid who played multiple instruments loved classic rock and roll and knew all the names of the rock bands I loved as a teenager, Alice Cooper (whom I saw in person in the 70’s), Rush, ACDC, Jethro Tull, Aerosmith and many others too numerous to mention. J told me he could tell they were really stoked and intrigued that a middle aged stranger would actually engage with them on a subject we all loved, music. I’m very passionate about music, always have been.

    If you wanna talk to a young person, start a conversation with them about music or technology. The first thing I ask a young one is about their phone and how they like it, what aps they use, do they like this website, do they like this player, etc….. I find that when I go to stores (especially stores like Best Buy or Staples) it’s usually staffed by men and women in their early 20’s. If I start a conversation about technology, I try to find something they’re interested and passionate about. Even if I’m not that interested in it, it opens the door and greases the skids so I can ask for their help in other parts of the store. Usually by that time, they’re eating out of my hand.

    Comment by urbandumpsterdiver — September 24, 2011 @ 5:11 pm

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  4. When you say illustrations, do you mean pics of the stuff we find? If so, I try to take as many pics as I can, but we’ve been finding SO much stuff, there is not just enough time to do so.

    Comment by urbandumpsterdiver — November 2, 2011 @ 4:08 pm

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