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October 23, 2011

Encounter with a homeless woman

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Over the weekend found an ENORMOUS amount of stuff.

Crackers, Cookies, Energy Bars

Pure liquid protein vitamins

2 safes (yes safes (NEW), one weighed 50 pounds and the other one weighed 100 pounds)
Children’s toys

12 blow dryers (yes you read that right) 12 brand new unopened blow dryers. (One was given to a neighbor who has children and the rest will be doled out accordingly).

Over a hundred craft magazines for crochet, quilt, knitting and sewing). Most of them had patterns you could make items with. Patterns are very expensive. These are priceless things to find.

Jars of mayonnaise

Shelving for homes

Metal for recycling and scrap

Dozen jars of Italian dressing

Sadly, one of the places we find magazines locked their dumpster. We peeked in last night and found many magazines thrown in the trash. Very sad. (On a positive note, my 2 and 4 y/o neighbors LOVED the coloring books we gave them; they snatched them away from the Momma right away!).

We‘ve been finding SO much stuff, my hubby and I are taking a break until next weekend. We’re both exhausted. I’m sore as hell and so is my hubby. My garage is full. The stuff has to be donated or sold. Nature abhors a vacuum so if we fill up too much, God will not send us more stuff.

On the way home from grocery shopping today we saw a middle-aged white woman on the street with a sign that says hungry, please help.

My god, that stabbed my heart like a knife. We made a U-turn and parked into a restaurant. I yelled at her to come over so we could buy her dinner. (It’s far easier for a woman to approach another woman). We went in and she ordered what she wanted to eat. I told her order whatever you want, nothing is off the table. She ordered and I paid.

She told me she was working a part time job and literally was out of money. She was getting paid Tuesday and was just plain old hungry. She said one man gave her $5 and several people drove by and called her horrible names.

Isn’t that sickening? Calling a poor middle-aged white female dirty names because she’s hungry? What have we come to?
When she told me that I was infuriated. It literally makes my head wanna explode when she told me that.

While her food was being prepared the manager came up to the counter for the next person. She said were you going to eat? I said oh no, I’m buying this lady dinner. I bent over and quietly said, this lady is homeless and hungry, you be nice to her. She said yes ma’am, I’ll make sure she is taken care of and has dessert.

Here we go again, Americans are hurting and we’re spending billions of dollars overseas. I’m very sick of the whole thing.

So instead of staying mad, I’m going to create a 72 hour backpack with various items for survival for a homeless man or woman.

This is what I’ll put in it
Bottled water
Can of soda
Some vitamin packs
Toilet paper
Sanitary pads for women
Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and floss
Peanut butter packs
If you can think of anything else, please comment.

October 20, 2011

Occupy Wall Street and the Whores in Washington DC

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I understand where the OWS crowd is coming from. I do. Being a dumpster diver now on my 4th year, I’ve seen and heard it all on the streets.

Our politicians and our leaders do not see what I see.

I see the young couple living in their van or car because they both lost their jobs. They’re making a living working at the day labor hall, gleaning soda cans for recycling money or dumpster diving like I do, but unfortunately the food they find or the food in the soup kitchen is all they have. I at least have hot food at home every day. For that I’m grateful.

They don’t see the security guards who are working long hours, on their feet all day for a mere $10 to $12 an hour. Hardly enough to feed themselves, let alone a wife or kids. I see security guards with ragged uniforms that THEY have to pay for and be in situations that are many times very dangerous indeed, with no respect from the public or the police. Another one of our working poor.

They don’t see the retail worker who not only gets the brunt of negativity from the public who takes out all their stuff on them, but the long hours and mistreatment from management with low wages. But what are they to do? (Sarcasm off). They should be grateful for a job right?

They don’t see the middle-aged man or woman who used to have a good job as a middle manager or some type of white collar worker who used to earn a good wage, pay taxes and obey the law. I see a lot of defeated, depressed and demoralized middle aged women and men who feel hopeless. Usually when I start talking to them they open up. Many times they cry. It’s a very heartbreaking sight. But I educate them on who is to blame and what they can do. And if I can give them a little treat that I find in the dumpster, why not?

BUT the money junkies gotta make more money right? So let’s ship all the jobs overseas to make more money. Meanwhile back at the ranch entire towns are wiped out financially when thousands of jobs are sent overseas in all the name of “profit”.

I don’t know about you all but the stuff I’m seeing made in China is junk. Most of the stuff I find in the dumpster is made in China. I wouldn’t pay you a dollar for it, but I will glean it and give it to those who may need it, however long it may last.

Taking it out of the dumpster keeps the sales tax revenue from our rotten government and one less dollar for the Chicomms who are deliberately manipulating their dollar and thereby hurting American workers.

Our young kids are getting out of college and cannot find a job. When I was in college I could leave one job and get another one THE NEXT DAY. Not now. Many of my friends have been unemployed for months. Most of them are over 40 and are ignored and most employers won’t even give them the time of day. They’re too expensive (please).

Crony capitalism and the free markets are two different things. Crony capitalism is a rigged game that allows Washington insiders, lobbyists and special interest group to get a one-upmanship on the rest of us.

Free market mandate that you have an item for sale and you sell it. The best vendor with the best product will sell the most. Those who have inferior products or products less popular will not sell at most.

That is not what is happening today. Those who have an inside on the nation’s beltway have an inside edge that permanently locks the little guy out.

It makes me ill when I hear politicians screaming about welfare and food stamps, but will bend over backwards to hand out corporate welfare in the name of bailouts and subsidies.

Something is gotta break and break soon. We’re on year 5 of this depression.

We have TSA sticking their hands down our pants.

Our jobs are shipped overseas to make an extra dollar.

MOST of our politicians are whores and liars and would probably sell their mother if they could get away with it.

I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.

October 19, 2011

Trolls and Spammers

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Internet trolls and spammers are IMO useless eaters, a single cell ameoba that is like a house fly you have to swab away.

One of my dear friends mentioned that some of my comments on here from certain people seemed repetitive and smelled of spammers/scammers gleaning info from my site. I’ve deleted all comments that I felt were spam. Information that could hurt dumpster divers ie using my data to further secure their dumpsters and pour more enormous waste into our landfills.

I’m thinking of making this blog private to only those who are on here regularly and by invitation only.

What do you all think?

Silver Dollar

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You know one of my siblings told me one day I’d find money in the dumpster and last night I did.

My husband and I were out on our usual route, it was raining so there weren’t a lot of cars out.

The first dumpster we went to didn’t have much but a bag caught my husband’s eye. We took it, look like some used T-shirts that we could wash and give to charity so we grabbed it.

When we got home, something fell out and hit the pavement. At first I thought it was a screw or a bolt, it was a silver 1 oz dollar coin. Worth about $40! I was stoked. I thought woo hoo!

Now THIS, boys and girls is manifestation at work. Big time!

The rest of our scores:
Halloween costumes, masks, fake swords
A box of paperback books throw out
A dozen magazines (new)
More picture frames
First time I’d ever found money. I was thrilled!

October 16, 2011

Encounter with another diver and a homeless man

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I’ve come to the conclusion that my husband is now a bigger diving addict than me. I do believe I’ve created a monster. LOL.

On our travels last night we encountered another diver. A young male in a minivan. We talked for a few minutes. He gave us some good leads in our area. He lives in a different section of our state so he’s not a competitor, for now. We saw him in one big strip mall and we saw him again at another store! He advised us to get the headlight on a strap that goes on your forehead. This allows us to be handsfree so we can both dive different dumpsters at one time.

While we were there a homeless man was eating behind the dumpster with his bike. He asked us not to take his bike! My husband said oh no man, we’re just here dumpster diving, we’re not going to take your bike. We had told him just across the street last week a homeless man had been hurt. He said it doesn’t surprise me, homeless people are beaten up and killed all the time and it goes unreported. He said you can get killed for $5.

Isn’t that sad? Beating up and killing homeless people? If you hurt a homeless person you’ve entered a new low.

You can tell a lot about a person by how he/she treats someone who could do absolutely nothing for them.

Tonights finds

2 dozen magazines. Some my hubby will take to work for his staff, a few will be sent to an aged relative in another state and the rest of the children’s magazine will be given to our neighbors who have little ones.

Found about a dozen clothes slashed. There are a few things I can fix but the rest are toast. The stores slashed the pants in the middle of the leg so you cannot fix them. There were 2 pants that were slashed at the seam so I can fix those. One pair is a size 4 nice jeans for women (way too small for me) and another pair of yoga pants that I will use myself. Good diving pants as they’re dark and comfortable. The one padded vest jacket is fixable but will take some time to do it right.

Slashing and ruining items to me is just plain mean. If you’re going to throw the clothes out, for God’s sake throw them out intact so some poor people can wear them or I can recover them and give them to the Salvation army.

The little guy is getting very sick of being trampled on by these corporate thugs and government minions. After the economy collapses and it will, these same psychopaths will be left with nowhere to go. Many of them have ignored their family and friends to make another dollar so they’ll be left on their own. I wish I could say I felt sorry for these people but I can’t. They did it to themselves.

Pictures attached of our finds last night.

October 15, 2011

Cheese, Crackers and Wine

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Tonight did our usual round of dumpster diving. Found quite a bit of stuff.

About 40 boxes of biscuit crackers.
About 20 boxes of Keebler Grasshopper.
About 2-3 dozen boxes various Keebler various.

Toys for the neighbor kids (they’re young, 2 and 4).

Dog food pan.

3 bottles of wine. I have to get a taste for wine and I just can’t do it. I do not like wine. I’ll either use it to cook or give it someone who is a wine lover.

1 dozen Bacardi glasses (the kind that come with the gift pack set you usually buy at liquor stores).

Various can goods.

100 birthday cards.

I literally have no more room in my house for any extra food. My back storage is becoming full. One day this week, we will be going to a local park where we know homeless congregate and pass out food. I’ll make some type of dip to add to it.

I feel fortunate to be able to help others. I have been helped many times in my life.

Just the other day I told my hubby I needed some crackers. Boy did I ever get some and in spades!

October 14, 2011

Family Tree

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Family Tree

Last night had to do some regular shopping (where I actually have to buy stuff) but for a vacuum sweeper we found in the dumpster.

Behind an industrial lot, a vacuum sweeper was thrown away and a perfectly good one. All it needed was a new belt and a HEPA filter. Bought that at a local department store, cleaned it up, works like charm. We’ll either donate it to some local charity or give it some local person who needs it here in our neighborhood.

I’m very leery of big charities. It’s hard to say if the item will be misused and given to someone who doesn’t need (keeping it out of the hands of the working poor) or just thrown away when the filter becomes dirty like it was the last time.

After we left the store, my hubby hightailed it over to the local big dumpster. Full of picture frames. I mean nice ones (one of them attached). This particular one is good for a family who wants their family tree and various photos in a nice frame.

Found a new plate and bowl. Will be donating that or selling it at a yard sale.

Found another portable shopping cart (one can take to the local farmers market) or any other store where you do not want to use their cart.

These perfectly nice frames would have sat in a landfill. What a waste that would have been. Our last couple of dives have been uncanny. In one trip, we found frames, but broken glass. On another trip, found ripped frames, but good glass. We’re still putting together some more frames for future use. I should probably use one of those for my wedding photos. My hubby and I have decided to take some formal photos of us to send to family and close friends.

Being a stay at home housewife is not just sitting around eating bonbons. I’m sort of an urban farmer as well. Since I glean food and we have fruit trees in our yard, I guess you could call me some sort of a farm girl. Just think of a middle-aged Ellie Mae from the Clampetts.

Boys and girls, there is work to be done. Lots of hungry people to feed. Lots of demoralized men and women who could use a little uplifting. Even if that means a tin of makeup, some shaving cream and razors for a man, or even a new T-shirt, something little to let people know there is still a shred of humanity on the planet.

October 10, 2011

Free Speech and Living Free – How do we fix America?

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As an anarchist libertarian, I believe in free speech, even if it offends others. That’s the beauty of the USA, we still have that right, although many of our other rights are being gutted daily.

As a frugal, eco-minded woman I live a frugal, but free life. I do not go to malls unless I’m behind the dumpster scavenging some good scores. I rarely dine out as I find it too expensive, fattening and just a waste of money. My hubby and I do date night a couple of times of month, but we find it far more gratifying to glean waste and help out others.

As the North American economy starts it’s freefall (and it’s not a matter of IF but WHEN), I’m honing my survival skills.

If a commenter is an outright spammer selling something stupid, I delete their comments.

If a commenter is hateful to me, they’re deleted.

Now if they disagree or agree with my viewpoint on diving and present it in a civil manner, I let the comments go through.

Please feel free to give me your story on how you’re faring in this economy and what do you think we can do to make life a better place.

October 9, 2011

More Electronics

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I’ve decided my husband has become more of a dumpster diving addict than myself. Now HE’s asking ME when we’re going out. He’s hooked now. It’s like a sickness, but in a good way.

Tonights finds:

Brand new CD player/radio/MP3 player – box said defective, nope, works like a charm.

Shopping cart (the ones you buy that are on rollers and are plastic).

Brand new end table.

A huge bag of candy (which is being given to the trick or treaters Halloween).

A mask and Halloween scary hand. My hubby will put that on to feed the kids.

A huge box of vitamins brand new (weight loss shakes, protein shakes and women’s vitamins).

1 new box cutter.

One kid’s toy (which I will give my little neighbors tomorrow).

We calculated we found about $800 worth of products this weekend.

On a sad note. We saw a young man lying on the ground with dried blood on his head. We stopped. My hubby checked his pulse and he was still breathing. He also called out to him and he was unresponsive but breathing. We think we’ve seen this man before in that shopping complex asleep at the dumpster at night. He either fell and hit his head OR someone robbed him and took his bike.

We immediately went into the store and told the manager (since it was private property) what was going on. He immediately dialed 911. They were there a few minutes later and took him to the local hospital. I asked the firefighter if he was going to be OK. He said I think so. I think his head got hit pretty bad. Anyone who robs homeless people is a despicable person indeed. We may have saved his life.

In our state if you’re homeless and a victim of crime there are plenty of resources to help you. We need to help our own, pure and simple. Let’s stop bombing people of color overseas and take care of our people, right here, right now. Whether someone is homeless, mentally challenged or disabled, they need our kindness and our assistance.

October 7, 2011

Juice, Chips and Chocolate at the Water Cooler

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Most newly married couples have date night either Friday or Saturday night. What did we do tonight? Had a home cooked meal, my husband took a nap and we went dumpster diving. Man oh man did we have fun!

Found 30 bottles of pomegranate/cranberry juice, good for vodka cranberries (medicinal drink) or just plain on the rocks.

50 bags of chips (way before sell date).

1 water cooler, works, just need a tub at the top.

About 50 candy bars, milk chocolate almond, milk chocolate with raspberry and a caramel nugget.

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