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October 14, 2011

Family Tree

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Family Tree

Last night had to do some regular shopping (where I actually have to buy stuff) but for a vacuum sweeper we found in the dumpster.

Behind an industrial lot, a vacuum sweeper was thrown away and a perfectly good one. All it needed was a new belt and a HEPA filter. Bought that at a local department store, cleaned it up, works like charm. We’ll either donate it to some local charity or give it some local person who needs it here in our neighborhood.

I’m very leery of big charities. It’s hard to say if the item will be misused and given to someone who doesn’t need (keeping it out of the hands of the working poor) or just thrown away when the filter becomes dirty like it was the last time.

After we left the store, my hubby hightailed it over to the local big dumpster. Full of picture frames. I mean nice ones (one of them attached). This particular one is good for a family who wants their family tree and various photos in a nice frame.

Found a new plate and bowl. Will be donating that or selling it at a yard sale.

Found another portable shopping cart (one can take to the local farmers market) or any other store where you do not want to use their cart.

These perfectly nice frames would have sat in a landfill. What a waste that would have been. Our last couple of dives have been uncanny. In one trip, we found frames, but broken glass. On another trip, found ripped frames, but good glass. We’re still putting together some more frames for future use. I should probably use one of those for my wedding photos. My hubby and I have decided to take some formal photos of us to send to family and close friends.

Being a stay at home housewife is not just sitting around eating bonbons. I’m sort of an urban farmer as well. Since I glean food and we have fruit trees in our yard, I guess you could call me some sort of a farm girl. Just think of a middle-aged Ellie Mae from the Clampetts.

Boys and girls, there is work to be done. Lots of hungry people to feed. Lots of demoralized men and women who could use a little uplifting. Even if that means a tin of makeup, some shaving cream and razors for a man, or even a new T-shirt, something little to let people know there is still a shred of humanity on the planet.


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