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October 16, 2011

Encounter with another diver and a homeless man

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I’ve come to the conclusion that my husband is now a bigger diving addict than me. I do believe I’ve created a monster. LOL.

On our travels last night we encountered another diver. A young male in a minivan. We talked for a few minutes. He gave us some good leads in our area. He lives in a different section of our state so he’s not a competitor, for now. We saw him in one big strip mall and we saw him again at another store! He advised us to get the headlight on a strap that goes on your forehead. This allows us to be handsfree so we can both dive different dumpsters at one time.

While we were there a homeless man was eating behind the dumpster with his bike. He asked us not to take his bike! My husband said oh no man, we’re just here dumpster diving, we’re not going to take your bike. We had told him just across the street last week a homeless man had been hurt. He said it doesn’t surprise me, homeless people are beaten up and killed all the time and it goes unreported. He said you can get killed for $5.

Isn’t that sad? Beating up and killing homeless people? If you hurt a homeless person you’ve entered a new low.

You can tell a lot about a person by how he/she treats someone who could do absolutely nothing for them.

Tonights finds

2 dozen magazines. Some my hubby will take to work for his staff, a few will be sent to an aged relative in another state and the rest of the children’s magazine will be given to our neighbors who have little ones.

Found about a dozen clothes slashed. There are a few things I can fix but the rest are toast. The stores slashed the pants in the middle of the leg so you cannot fix them. There were 2 pants that were slashed at the seam so I can fix those. One pair is a size 4 nice jeans for women (way too small for me) and another pair of yoga pants that I will use myself. Good diving pants as they’re dark and comfortable. The one padded vest jacket is fixable but will take some time to do it right.

Slashing and ruining items to me is just plain mean. If you’re going to throw the clothes out, for God’s sake throw them out intact so some poor people can wear them or I can recover them and give them to the Salvation army.

The little guy is getting very sick of being trampled on by these corporate thugs and government minions. After the economy collapses and it will, these same psychopaths will be left with nowhere to go. Many of them have ignored their family and friends to make another dollar so they’ll be left on their own. I wish I could say I felt sorry for these people but I can’t. They did it to themselves.

Pictures attached of our finds last night.


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