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October 20, 2011

Occupy Wall Street and the Whores in Washington DC

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I understand where the OWS crowd is coming from. I do. Being a dumpster diver now on my 4th year, I’ve seen and heard it all on the streets.

Our politicians and our leaders do not see what I see.

I see the young couple living in their van or car because they both lost their jobs. They’re making a living working at the day labor hall, gleaning soda cans for recycling money or dumpster diving like I do, but unfortunately the food they find or the food in the soup kitchen is all they have. I at least have hot food at home every day. For that I’m grateful.

They don’t see the security guards who are working long hours, on their feet all day for a mere $10 to $12 an hour. Hardly enough to feed themselves, let alone a wife or kids. I see security guards with ragged uniforms that THEY have to pay for and be in situations that are many times very dangerous indeed, with no respect from the public or the police. Another one of our working poor.

They don’t see the retail worker who not only gets the brunt of negativity from the public who takes out all their stuff on them, but the long hours and mistreatment from management with low wages. But what are they to do? (Sarcasm off). They should be grateful for a job right?

They don’t see the middle-aged man or woman who used to have a good job as a middle manager or some type of white collar worker who used to earn a good wage, pay taxes and obey the law. I see a lot of defeated, depressed and demoralized middle aged women and men who feel hopeless. Usually when I start talking to them they open up. Many times they cry. It’s a very heartbreaking sight. But I educate them on who is to blame and what they can do. And if I can give them a little treat that I find in the dumpster, why not?

BUT the money junkies gotta make more money right? So let’s ship all the jobs overseas to make more money. Meanwhile back at the ranch entire towns are wiped out financially when thousands of jobs are sent overseas in all the name of “profit”.

I don’t know about you all but the stuff I’m seeing made in China is junk. Most of the stuff I find in the dumpster is made in China. I wouldn’t pay you a dollar for it, but I will glean it and give it to those who may need it, however long it may last.

Taking it out of the dumpster keeps the sales tax revenue from our rotten government and one less dollar for the Chicomms who are deliberately manipulating their dollar and thereby hurting American workers.

Our young kids are getting out of college and cannot find a job. When I was in college I could leave one job and get another one THE NEXT DAY. Not now. Many of my friends have been unemployed for months. Most of them are over 40 and are ignored and most employers won’t even give them the time of day. They’re too expensive (please).

Crony capitalism and the free markets are two different things. Crony capitalism is a rigged game that allows Washington insiders, lobbyists and special interest group to get a one-upmanship on the rest of us.

Free market mandate that you have an item for sale and you sell it. The best vendor with the best product will sell the most. Those who have inferior products or products less popular will not sell at most.

That is not what is happening today. Those who have an inside on the nation’s beltway have an inside edge that permanently locks the little guy out.

It makes me ill when I hear politicians screaming about welfare and food stamps, but will bend over backwards to hand out corporate welfare in the name of bailouts and subsidies.

Something is gotta break and break soon. We’re on year 5 of this depression.

We have TSA sticking their hands down our pants.

Our jobs are shipped overseas to make an extra dollar.

MOST of our politicians are whores and liars and would probably sell their mother if they could get away with it.

I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.



  1. Frickin A.

    Comment by Rita Rabbit — October 22, 2011 @ 12:19 pm

  2. Something is gotta break and break soon. We’re on year 5 of this depression.
    I feel this isn’t so much a depression as a second comming of the luddites. There is high demand in many areas of the labour market, yet people are unskilled/skilled in areas with low demand.

    We have TSA sticking their hands down our pants.
    This was originally created to fulfill the demands of the US citizens who demanded more security as a result of 9/11

    Our jobs are shipped overseas to make an extra dollar.
    It’s a lot more than an extra dollar. It’s often the difference between profitability and making a loss. Soon enough, the asian labour markets will change as the population becomes more educated/skilled and costs of products will go up. When that happens, complaints will be far more common.

    MOST of our politicians are whores and liars and would probably sell their mother if they could get away with it.
    I believe most of the local and low level politicians really do believe in doing good for the people they represent. Unfortunatly, as a result of our democratic system, there are major innefficiencies and loopholes in the system. For the time being, it’s what currently works best in keeping the people happy, but ultimately, democracy is not functional.We’ll have to deal with this until a better system comes along.

    I enjoy your blog, especially your dumpster diving finds. I’m happy for the good you’re doing. I hope you remain humble. Any effects of “negative ions” from rain water is purely placebo.

    Comment by John Snow — September 23, 2012 @ 4:19 am

  3. John, we are not in a democracy, the USA is a constitutional republic.

    We have a surplus of unskilled low demand workers from illegal immigration. Maybe if those folks were shipped home and forced to work on their own country, we would see some sort of change.

    We didn’t demand TSA! TSA is a power grab by the federal government to get Americans used to being demoralized. TSA hasn’t saved one terrorist from our skies. All they’ve done is steal, humiliate and irritate most passengers. It’s a worthless organization that needs scrapped. I’ve not flown in 5 years and I don’t plan to.

    As far as the jobs going overseas? It is about making profit. All of these corporations who send work overseas IMO are traitors of the highest degree. They are not American (even though the bulk of their money was made on the back of Americans) they’re globalists. They don’t give a damn about the working class anywhere. I don’t care about building other countries up, all I care about is the USA.

    Most politicians (and I put the media in this group as well) are unpaid whores. Most of them have an agenda. Honest and moral politicians are urban legends like the lochness monster. Most of us have heard about it, but we’ve never seen it.

    John, thank you for visiting my blog and I’m glad you’re a reader.

    The negative ions is not a placebo effect, sorry, it’s been scientifically proven to work.

    Comment by urbandumpsterdiver — September 23, 2012 @ 11:06 am

  4. […] it’s earning its place as a political act, even though for several years now it has been a growing reality for the people who’ve been downsized since the Bush […]

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