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November 18, 2011

Metal Scrapping and Physical Labor

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I think we all know by now that the days of the white collar middle manager jobs for many of our men are long gone. Our ancestors tilled the soil and worked hard all day doing physical labor for money. Our generation has become soft and filled with junk food, electronic garbage and excessive talking and gabbing.

The last 2 months I was in California last year I spent a lot of time in silence. I was busy cleaning my apartment so that I would get all my security deposit back. I did a lot of scrubbing and cleaning as I’d lived in the same apartment almost 14 years. That’s a long time to live somewhere. I cancelled my cable and internet as I knew my days were numbered there and I didn’t need the distraction. I spent a lot of time in silence and a lot of great clarity came my way.

Especially in the areas of male/female relationships. I kept attracting the same type of man over and over again. I finally realized the common denominator in all these relationships was me! Eureka! I had to take full responsibility for my financial affairs, my past relationships with the opposite sex and relations with my family, some of which were strained.

I was very judgemental about some of my family members. Now I deeply regret it. I have to remember to walk in other people’s shoes and not judge or blame others. We all have to find our way. That was a hard pill to swallow.

Getting back to metal – scrapping and the above commentary will become apparent as I go on. I had found some cords that I clipped off of old electronics. Inside those cords is copper. Copper sells for about $3-4 a pound. It’s better than nothing and a pound of copper could buy some food. It takes some time to scrape the cord from the copper. I use a potato peeler, works like a charm. A scalpel would be better but I’m afraid I’d cut myself!

So if a young man or even a middle-aged man wanted to earn some extra money scrapping would be the way to do it. Many people will be upset that the illegals are scrapping copper and metals to make money. Well maybe some Americans could get off of their butt and do the same. I won’t go into the pro/cons of illegal immigration, this blog is about dumpster diving. But maybe our men could learn something from these people and be a little more inventive on how we make money.

Copper and metal scrapping is long and tedious work. But I think that’s a good thing. Our ancestors did a lot of tedious work and they were OK. Maybe some tedious copper scrapping, some periods of introspective silence while scraping away would do a lot of us a world of good. I myself need to unplug from the internet, TV, my MP3 player and just be there. It’s amazing the things you’ll hear and the insights you’ll have.

Copper and metal scrapping has 2 good things going for it. Number one you make some money and number two you keep the metals out of our landfills which could possibly contaminate the ground water.

November 12, 2011

Coffee and Windchimes

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Decided to go to the local planetarium to watch a laser light show. When I asked my husband what he thought, he said oh it’s OK. I reminded him he was singing along with the songs in the show! He said, oh well, I liked it a lot.

On the way home, we decided to stop at a few places where we usually score and tonight we were not disappointed.

Found 6 intact containers of coffee (expired this summer) but as far as I know coffee really doesn’t go stale unless it’s opened. So for now, we have enough coffee for about a year. We had found 4 containers at this same locale a week ago.

Found about a half dozen wind chimes. Most of them are all tangled but I’ll untangle them tomorrow and hang them on our carport. Two were OK so they’re hanging up now. I love the way wind chimes sound in the wind.

Also recovered 6 boxes of trisket crackers. I love those things. They’re especially handy with dip if we have company over OR if we want a quick snack of fruit, cheese, deli meat and crackers. Goes good with wine.

4 wash cloths. Those do not go bad and they only wear out. Since I’m a neat and tidy freak, the more cloths and cleaners, the better.

Since my inventory is high and space is tight, I’m only getting things out of the dumpster I can immediately use or give to my neighbors. With space of the essence, I can’t get everything. What I have been doing is taking the stuff I cannot use and neatly setting it to the side. That way another diver can get it and use it.

It’s a lovely moonlight night tonight. The breeze blowing on my face feels wonderful!

November 5, 2011

Homeless In America – A sobering picture

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We decided to dumpster dive early this morning. We felt we needed to change up the routine.

The first picture is a bed of a homeless man behind a dumpster. Out of respect for the man or woman who is sleeping there, we tried to keep the location secret so he/she is not hassled by anyone.

This is what we see on a regular basis. My husband insisted I take a picture and show you the world and my loyal readers what we see.

For you foreign readers, this is very common in the USA. A constitutional republic that our ancestors fought and died for and now their descendants are homeless on the nation that their forefathers conquered.

It’s truly heartbreaking. There is simply no reason for this poverty. No reason. There is plenty of money to go around. If you read my previous article about occupy wall street, you’ll see my point of view.

My entire truck was full by the time I came home. Full. Cake mix, towels, rugs, candles, children’s toys, juice, hair clips for women, lotion, aloe vera lotion, paper plates and fancy tropical napkins. The pictures tell it all.

The one thing I did allow myself to keep was my leopard print throw I found. Last week I found a leopard print bar stool (which needs some minor repair by my handsome handyman husband). It’s quite lovely. But had I met that homeless person in person I might have given him/her my throw.

We invited the neighbors over for a first pick. Two couples, one older with a teenage daughter and the other with 2 youngsters. They took home many boxes of good stuff. All of us were happy tonight.

November 2, 2011

Beer and Wine

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Beer and Wine
Large Bags of Chips (some not expired)
Kid’s toys
Fake flowers
Chinese bamboo good luck plants
Masks from Venice
Over a hundred Halloween cards, birthday, sympathy and other miscellaneous cards

These are the scores we found over this past weekend and last night. Last night we were behind a store and a food service employee came outside. My husband right away and said Hi and started engaging with this young man. He was real upfront, we’re dumpster divers and we give this stuff to the poor and for our prepping supplies.

The young man told my husband the nearby sporting goods stores throw away a lot of good stuff and he once found a new golf bag and some golf irons. Good for him.

This past weekend my husband was in the dumpster and it was an Oh S*** moment as the managers were walking out. My husband told the kid don’t throw any trash out here, we’re dumpster diving.

At first the manager thought we were scavenging cardboard. I said nope, my husband and I have a passion for dumpster diving and hate waste. I said the stuff you throw away we glean and give to those less fortunate. The manager listened to what I said and had no problem with it. He said if he gave it away, the store could be liable. I then said OK if we give it away, who are they going to sue? He was very cool about the entire thing and I told him that I’d been doing this for years. He left, no issue.

Some of the supplies (food) we gave the man who does the gardening in our yard. We’ve hired a local man, who is a middle aged man who has been hurt terribly by this depression. He’s hurting as many of us are. He was sent home with a care package.

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