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February 19, 2012

Cat Food, Dog Food and Crazy Critters

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Retrieved a big bag of dog food, 2 dozen cans of cat food and about a half a dozen bags of cat food last night, along with a few miscellaneous items. My husband and I were both too tired to do any more hard core diving. It’s been very humid here in South FL and the humidity is something I’m still not used to yet. I need to just keep my head in the freezer.

I thought OK I’ll feed the cats. My neighbor told me they’re bottomless pits.

Well cats are not the only things eating the cat food. It’s big ole raccoons! Big ones!

About 3am this morning I heard something scratch around my carport. I’m thinking ruh roh, burglar. I stood on my step bench to look out my window. 2 huge raccoons eating the food. No problem, I go back to bed.

About 6am I wake up and there is serious noise on my carport. I had put the rest of the food in a big sealed plastic bucket (that I’d found diving as well). I go outside and the 2 raccoons are DRAGGING THE bucket towards the fence. I couldn’t see anything behind it, so I’m thinking OK this is not a ghost dragging the bucket, there is something behind it. I flashed the big flashlight and they’re dragging it to the fence to feed them and their little raccoons.

Little stinkers.

It was actually quite funny and cute. The momma and daddy raccoon looked at me as if to say, I’m sowy, I just wanna feed my family!

So the bucket is going inside the house tonight before I lock my doors.

The only thing outside tonight is a bowl of cat food and a can of loose cat food. I hope I’m not awakened to a fight between cats and raccoons.



  1. Whew..glad it was critters, but once the raccoons know the food was there they will always check for
    it again and again.I thought you might have a GATOR or something snacking on the bucket hah! The tv reports I
    have seen recently say that more and more gators are going into territory they haven’t been in. It is similar to the bears and cougars etc. They find food so they go where it is. Humidity is one thing that zaps me fast.I prefer dry CA.or Ar. : )

    Comment by CAROL — February 20, 2012 @ 9:20 am

  2. Good for a laugh. You are the neighborhood animal feeder and apparently news is spreading. Reminds me of the deer that climb on my Moms porch to steel the birdfood my Mom puts out on Vancouver Island.

    Comment by Cheapchick — February 20, 2012 @ 12:09 pm

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