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February 20, 2012

Quality not quantity

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Went out tonight for Mexican food. Got an early morning tomorrow morning so we decided to have some Mexican food and a mango margarita, a strawberry one for my hubby.

There are some foreclosed homes on the corner, abandoned properties, but full of fruit trees. There were quite a bit of lemons and tangerines on the ground, I took them home. Sent them out today to my MIL who’s in a colder climate. She loves fresh fruit so this will make her day, it’s a total surprise.

We do spend money, but wisely. After leaving the liquor store where we bought my husband’s new favorite drink which is Drambuie I had a hunch to go back behind the dumpster again. It was empty about a half hour earlier. I’m glad we did. We found a box of 9 bottles of Bodega Sangria. Looks good, the packaging is pretty. All bottles intact, not a piece of broken glass or unopened bottles. We of course took them home and will use them on down the road.

Sometimes honoring your intuition is a good thing. When you get a strong hunch, act on it.

Since we have so much stuff now, I’m only aiming for quality, not quantity. We’ve got plenty of “stuff”. Unless it’s something we can really use, I won’t take it. If it’s something really good that we really can’t use, we’ll put it by the dumpster so another diver came come by and pick it up.


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