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May 27, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

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I’ve now been in my rural home for almost 3 weeks now. Since this is a smaller town, with smaller surrounding towns than South Florida, the dumpster diving is not as plentiful, but it is different.

We stopped behind a store on Saturday and found 3 new pair of khaki pants, 1 pair of jeans, 2 bottles of fabric softener, some candy, 2 packages of socks, some chips, feminine hygiene products, a mop, magazines (still the current month) and a few other miscellaneous items.

There is a restaurant locally that serves great Japanese food, it’s entirely a buffet. The other night we were having dinner and the waitress told me she worked 10 hours a day. I thought OMG her feet must be throbbing at the end of the day. So right before we left, I told her to rub her feet onto a tennis ball to soothe out the knots in her feet. She said that’s a good idea, I will try that.

I then said, you should have your hubby massage your feet when you get home. She then told me he died a month ago. I wanted to cry. I hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. They’re both very young, so this was a sudden thing.

So today I gathered a group of the new magazines, some new unopened cosmetics, nail polish and some other girly stuff that she would like. When I brought in today I said this won’t bring your hubby back, but it can poke a hole in the gray cloud over your head. As a woman who lost her first husband through a sudden car accident, I feel your pain. She had tears in her eyes.

That is one reward I get from dumpster diving. Giving nice things to those who need a step up, a helping hand or a kind word or deed.

Some pics of yesterday’s finds.


May 17, 2012

Fruits, Vegetables and Creatures of the Night

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These last 2 weeks we’ve been in the woods, we’ve found some good stuff. About 6 pairs of shoes thrown out behind a thrift shop, about 100 hangers behind a well known department store thrown out and 2 bags of lemons, potatoes, onions and carrots. The potatoes, carrots and onions could feed a person if they were starving, even if you had to make vegetable soup. But since we’re not there yet, I can put in a nice roast, with some onion soup mix, potatoes, onions and carrots and make a very good beef stew.

Last night I was doing dishes late. I kept seeing this light go off back and forth in our back room. It was a firefly in the house! I think they are so cute. We used to catch them as kids and put them into jars.

Then later on, a beautiful red and black butterfly flew into the house. It just fluttered about and went off somewhere.

We now have 2 cats who are constantly at my door. One is dark black color with green eyes and the other one is a yellow cat with yellow eyes. They’re both beautiful creatures.

We have a large luna moth on our front porch ceiling right now. She’s been up there since last night, just hanging like a bat. She’s a beautiful creature.

Such is life now at my freegan rural abode.

May 13, 2012

Dumpster diving pizza

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Last fall we’d found over a dozen bags of biscuit dough that were just thrown out. I recovered them all and put them away in the freezer.

Found ground beef on clearance (the lean kind) for about $3. Added a can of pizza sauce (.39) and shredded cheese that we had on hand as a topping for the pizza, baked for 20 minutes in the oven. Topped it off with some parmesan cheese.

Washed it down with some Miller 64 calorie beer.

Scavenging Economy

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This is where we are today boys and girls. Scrapping, scavenging, dumpster diving, picking up aluminum cans, you name it, it’s all a way of making money. I read in a blog that 100 million working Americans are not working right now. I believe that, based on what I see on the road.

On a 800 mile road trip, where I’m now in the country, the backwoods, I’ve seen quite a bit in the last few weeks.

An older woman scavenging for potted plant holders and rocks for her garden. I stopped her to talk. We had a good conversation. I gave her a brand new bottle of perfume (found it in the trash, a tester) and a nice little pocket purse I had found. She was thrilled.

Another elderly woman in her 70’s dumpster diving (behind a local dollar type of store) for scrap metal, aluminum, food in cans and any other items she can sell to supplement her social security check. My husband helped her grab out of the dumpster some heavier items she could wheel home.

Garage sales are making a big comeback. Garage sales put money in your neighbor’s pocket. Many of these items are those of folks who are downsizing from a large home to an apartment or curbside recyclers who are picking up other folks discards for resale. That may mean the difference between paying your light bill or not.

We had set up a tent in our backyard for 5 months. It could house 6 people easily. In it, we put in a small cot, a blanket, a few pillows and a TV tray. One could live in it, no problem. Now since our sewer drain pipe goes all the way back, we could literally house a family in our backyard if necessary.

We purchased a massage table and a EZ-UP canopy for use in garage sales (need to keep out of the hot sun all day). The massage table is something you could sleep on OR someone could lie down on it and be worked on (i.e. massage or bodywork). It could also be used for pilates lying down.

If things fell apart we could easily help 15-20 people in an emergency situation (housing and other things) and not be crowded out of our home.

I’ve attached a picture of our tent in our backyard. It’s pretty cool.

Many of our dumpster diving finds go to our preps and the other to those in need.

May 2, 2012

Easter Candy and Vodka

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Tonight’s finds were good.

Easter candy, easter socks (children and adult), some stuffed rabbits and other toys. We are approaching another big road trip. We plan on handing out the candy and toys to kids we see on the way. I usually see families, senior couples at rest areas when we stop and get gas or just take a break.

5 bottles of Vodka, brand new, unopened. Vodka can be used for a facial astringent or mouthwash. Or can be used in most cocktails. It’s one of the most versatile mixers.

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