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June 22, 2012

Plastic Garbage Bags of Food

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It had been raining like cats and dogs here. I was skeptical about diving after a major rain. The first night we went out and had found a ton of vitamins. All of sudden there was a torrential downpour. We got got caught in the middle of it and we were soaked. We both had to go home right after to take a hot shower. But in all actuality the rain felt good. The negative ions of the water was actually good for me. We got a good stash of vitamins and mini energy drinks.

The next night I had a strong inkling to visit another store we go to. Hadn’t been there for a while. Three bags full of food, toiletries and other goodies right there waiting for me


Thank God they bundled them up (dry) inside the bag. When we opened them they were intact and ready to go. They will now go in our prepping supplies.

Our neighbor’s kids knocked on the door last night. Gave them some more toys we found (that were brand new). A few of them they can use, the rest will go to the little one yet to be born.

June 9, 2012

Easter Candy, New clothes and toys

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I had a hankering for a sundae tonight, ended up with a blizzard. Funny how sweet cravings are sometimes. So for date night my husband and I went for an ice cream cone.

Sometimes I really get a strong urge to go behind a store, even if I’ve been there the night before. Skulking behind alleys really sharpens your street smart skills and sometimes your intuition. Sounds corny, but it’s true for me.

So we stop behind one of the stores on our route and we found some serious goodies. Easter candy, socks, new underwear for adults and tots, about 10 sewing kits (all intact and new), place mats, freezer pops (those will come in handy in the hot summer) and one of my favorite, honey buns.

We ate honey buns as kids. I can remember (and this is dating myself) when they were a dime a piece. The ones we found tonight were chocolate covered. What a delight.

So tonight when we came home, we decided to have a little snack. I made one of my favorite dips. You take a small container of velveeta and a can of rotelle tomatoes and chilis. I don’t like chunky salsa so I blended the rotelle until it was a paste. My husband had never had that dip before. He loved it. It’s a good quick dip when you have chips (and we have many bags left of dumpster diving Tostitos). And for dessert? A chocolate honey bun cut in half. It was heavenly.

God has really blessed me with the insight and gift of diving. Diving allows me to save money, keep perfectly good items out of the landfill and help others with my finds who are in need.

June 6, 2012

Strawberries and Chicken Fingers

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A few nights ago we went to the grocery store to buy some meat. There were some chicken fingers that looked really good, so we bought some in bulk.

Well guess what we found a few minutes later in the dumpster? 4 bags of chicken fingers that were still frozen! Manifestation never fails me. Manifestation IMO is a process of actually believing you’re abundant and you will be. If you believe you will be poor, you will be. Poor is a state of mind though. One can have tons of money and live a neurotic unhappy life.

On to the local dumpster. Someone had canned about 2 dozen foods in canning jars. They were completely intact and you could tell they were still good. Someone was probably moving and had to get rid of them. We got green beans, prunes (yes candied prunes and they are good), pears, pasta sauce, and plums. I can reuse these mason jars for food storage. The Mason Jar Company now sells plastic lids instead of the metal. I prefer those, they are not going to rust and they’re just easier.

Tonight on the way home we found a dozen bins of strawberries. About half were bad and the rest were fine. I chopped them up, put them into freezer bags and put a small batch in the refrigerator. I’ll either make strawberry shortcake OR a protein drink.

Since I have so much protein powder from past finds, I’m going to concoct a shake tomorrow. I’ll use non-fat milk, strawberries, a little bit of sugar and the protein powder. Since the weather is now warming up, it’s easier to drink a smoothie as a meal replacement as heavy food really weighs you down in the southern heat.

Being in a small town does not afford you the same luscious finds that you find in a metropolitan area. But living in a rural environment for me and my spouse is safer and saner. At night we hear whippoorwill birds, screeching owls, cute little frogs jumping around and yes tons of bugs.

I now have a fly swatter in every room. I’ve told my neighbor that if she hears me scream quickly, it’s not that I’m in danger but that a darn bug has flown on me again.

I do have to go back to the city until our city house is sold and in this economy that takes time.

So right now I’m having a lemon drop martini. The vodka I found and the mixer I purchased.

Free or half free always taste good!

About a dozen containers of strawberries thrown out. My spouse jumped in to get them.

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