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September 16, 2012

Puzzle Books, Magazines, Cat Food and Cooking with Wood

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Found an entire box last night of brand new puzzle books and magazines. Those will go to my relative who’s in a nursing home. The rest of the staff will get what my relative doesn’t want.

4 cans of cat food thrown out. My cats loved the food. It was gourmet cat food.

2 containers of lip balm.

A while back someone gave my husband this charcoal griller. We put it together yesterday. Took about an hour. You can entirely cook from wood in this one. Made 2 hamburgers tonight and they were good. You could taste the wood fire in the burgers.

It’s really important to be self reliant. Cooking with wood is one way. If you know how to cook with wood you won’t fall apart or starve if you have no power.


September 5, 2012

Coffee and Chip

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The other night decided to drive behind a local grocery that uses a food compactor. Well, we hit the mother lode. Obviously their compactor was broken and a roll-off dumpster was behind the store.

70 containers of gourmet coffee (out of date but who cares right?), 3 boxes of powdered creamer (sort of like coffee mate), and over a dozen bags of individual sized chips. There were a few whole beans but the rest were ground. All intact, never used.

I’m a real coffee lover and so is my husband, so this will keep us caffeinated for a long time. Of course some will be given out on our way back home from our summer holiday.

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