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November 25, 2012

Chips Ahoy

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Found 3 large bags of a variety of chips. Probably about 3 dozen or so. I love chips, but they don’t love me, but everything in moderation right?

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November 24, 2012

From Dumpster to Dining Table

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I’m showing you my dinner today. Everything on the table was found in the dumpster, the carrots, the potatoes, the butter, the place mats, the meat (which was found last night frozen).

Last night we recovered 3 cases of juice (which is going to the local church), 1 case of egg rolls, 1 case of blueberry pies, 1 case of weight watchers breakfast sandwiches, 2 pie crusts, 1 case of french toast sticks, some milk (still good), 2 containers of sweet tea and few other odds and ends.

I had purchased a second freezer to put in the basement. It is now full. Couldn’t even slip a newspaper in it. Nature abhors a vacuum, have something empty and God will fill it.

Now I realize all these frozen meals are not the healthiest. We still eat fresh fruits, vegetables and lean proteins, along with rice and beans. But if we’ve been out all day and don’t want to fix a full meal, these are a good supplement to our grocery list. I couple one of these frozen things with a salad or steam vegetables.

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November 17, 2012

Candles and Kitchen Items

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Found some good stuff tonight. Jalapeno shaped salsa dishes and dish sponge holders, tons and tons of candles, children’s toys, glasses, paper plates and many other fun things.

I keep most of the candles. With the crazy weather we’ve been having, candles are a good thing. It can make a huge difference if the power goes out.

My husband for the first time yesterday, did his first delivery of food to the poor. We have a local church that helps many of those who have been addicted to drugs or alcohol. When he pulled up with the food, the parishioners were stunned. He told her someone here must have been praying for food because God commanded me to deliver it. We gave them about 70 loaves of bread. They can use that for sandwiches, french toast, PBJ sandwiches, etc. Every little bit helps.

Readers, please read one of the blogs on my link, Surviving the Middle Class Crash. This lady has some great recipes for your own homemade soap, household cleaners and dried onions for seasoning, just to name a few. Lisa Ling interviewed her quite a while back. She has a great blog.

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November 14, 2012

Our Daily Bread

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I do believe in God. I don’t go to church on a regular basis. But I do believe in God, Jesus and the Bible. I do believe that God wants us to help others. I do believe that God has given me the gift of finding things that are still good and giving it to others who need it, i.e. food.

On our way back from the local cooperative food/vitamin store, we decided to stop by one of our favorite haunts. About 100 loaves of bread were ready to be thrown out, all within a few days of their sell by date. (all of this bread can be frozen in your freezer for later use) Inside the stash was bagels, low calorie bread (Lord knows I need that), dinner rolls, hoagie rolls, cinnamon raisin bread and regular white bread. We took it all.

Our neighbors received a pile. Tomorrow we will be making delivery to a local church. Then onto an elderly couple who lives on a farm. And plenty left for us.

November 4, 2012

Big Haul 2

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This was a good weekend for us. Today found quite a few candles, snacks, post-it-notes, lawn and garden stuff, clay pots, handkerchiefs, cereal, etc. A picture really is worth a 1,000 words.

Boys and girls, you have to prep. What happened in the East Coast could happen to any of us. Whether it be hurricanes, tornadoes, dust storms, civil unrest, dollar collapse, floods, you name it, anything can happen at any time.

I have quite a few good survivalist links on my site. Please visit these fine folks. Much of the information in these websites could one day save your life.

Big Haul

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Tonight was one of the biggest hauls we’ve ever gotten. It took us over 2 hours to put the food away. Much will be given to 3 local families who need the food besides us and the rest for my husband and I.

The pictures say it all. There were ice chips on the food inside the bags inside the dumpster. Either the freezer broke and they threw all this frozen food out or it was thrown out because new inventory came in. Either way, a God’s blessing for me and a few other folks. Too bad I didn’t live close enough to NYC, I could have helped a lot of folks.

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