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December 28, 2012

Voluntary poverty and Minimalistic living

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Tonight’s dinner was from dumpster to table. After being out all day running errands, my husband and I were very hungry. We were tempted to stop at a local pizza eatery but had forgotten the coupon we needed. This saved us about $15.

We stopped behind our local diving haunt to see what was there. In it we found chicken wings, pumpkin cheesecake, sandwiches and other foods. What we didn’t cook for dinner, we put in nice containers and took it to the local food bank. This was food they could eat right now and not have to wait. In fact, the main man at the food bank told us the people there were getting spoiled. I said that’s a good thing.

So for dinner we had chicken wings, a deli sandwich, and a little slice of pumpkin cheese cake and had a fine dinner for all.

At another diving sight we found an electric blanket. The cord had been cut. It would have been too difficult to fix. We took out the remaining wires in the blanket and patched up any holes that there were there. It’s a nice polyester/felt blend type of king blanket. It’s very warm to sit with it on a cold winter night.

Voluntary poverty does not mean living a Spartan cold life. Voluntary poverty means we’ve shed the corporate shell and prefer to live a life with more free time and less drama. So for now we’ll earn enough money to pay our basic bills and necessities, and no more.


I learned how to sew, cook and can (food preservation) at a very young age. I learned to live with very little for a long time, so it’s second nature to me. So in exchange for a life free of corporate culture and mean bosses, I now have a life that I live on MY terms. With an abundance consciousness and attitude of gratitude, the sky is the limit.


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  1. Love this concept! We live on much less than many do because we have chosen a single income instead of us both working, and my husband does not pursue his business on a level that many men do – and never see their families. Family has always been more important to him, and God has provided our needs. But we would love to reduce even more than we have. Still feels like the grind takes over.

    Comment by 8thday4life — December 29, 2012 @ 10:35 am

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