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January 22, 2013

Energy Drinks

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Decided to have a fun day at a local event. On the way home, I had a serious hunch to stop by a local haunt. At first my husband didn’t want to go. I pressed. He was tired. I insisted.

And I’m very glad we did. A huge bag of energy drinks, energy bars, Atkins bars, and other assorted drinks were in a large bag. My husband jumped in, pulled the heavy bag out, I lugged it to the car and off we went.

Here are some shots of tonight’s finds.

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January 20, 2013

Dumpster Diving is a fringe lifestyle

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We got quite the booty the other night. We couldn’t get it all. When we came back the next night to the same place, another diver had gotten most of what was left. That’s fine, you snooze, you lose, right? Inside was Christmas T-shirts for the little ones, shoes, jewelry boxes, beach bags and lots of OTC supplies. Most of those clothes and bags will go to charity.

But diving IS a fringe lifestyle. Which leads me to the title of this article. Fringe lifestyle.

My family and my husband’s family are embarrassed by it. Before I met my husband I’d tell my family my tales. They would politely change the subject. My brother felt my life was in danger by diving, even though I had eyes in the back of my head when I went alone.

My family felt guilty that their single relative was living out of the trash can. It’s not something they can deal with. And now upon reflection, they feel guilty. Guilty they didn’t call me to see if I needed any help. I would have loved the help, but I would have never asked.

When I met my spouse and eventually he started diving with me, he didn’t flinch. It didn’t bother him at all. But his Mom was uneasy about it. A couple of times she’d ask if we were still dumpster diving. When my spouse told her yes and we give a lot of the food to the local food bank, she’d conveniently change the subject.

My family and my in-laws are embarrassed by what we do. They feel a sense of shame that their children, sister, brother, etc…is digging into the dumpster, finding trash, eating it, giving some away and stashing the rest for future preps.

They’re of the opinion that if we just vote all of the scumbags out of office or just pray all the time, we’ll be fine. It’s not that simple folks. It’s a far deeper problem than they want to admit. And maybe not fixable.

My husband and I are not embarrassed by what we do. Ever. That’s why I have this blog. To show my booty and to show others how it’s done. I love free stuff. I love helping and feeding the poor and I love my planet. I love it enough to keep unnecessary garbage out of it.vitamins (2)



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January 11, 2013

2013 The year of the clearance sale

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Frugality, living cheap, living free are all the rage now for 2013. So many of us are either unemployed, underemployed, nearly broke, in debt or barely sliding into homebase each month to pay rent, mortgage, car insurance, cell phone bills, you name it. Not to mention the obscene price of food.

I’m back now in Sunny Florida for the season. Much different diving here. It’s very hard to dive for food in warmer climates. If the food has been sitting out too long, it’s too hazardous or dangerous to eat. Now in colder climates up north, it’s safe to dive for food, even meat. You’re still better off with pre-cooked meat that you can reheat vs. fresh beef, chicken or pork. You can get really sick from uncooked pork or chicken, so watch out.

The other night we stopped at one of our favorite haunts. Found a few things. Some powder makeup, several candles, a beautiful mirror (new in box), chapstick, brow waxers and a few other odds and ends.

We are really down to the wire so we need to make all our money count. We need to spend wisely. Here are some things I’ve been doing more of to save money, survive and thrive.

A major chain drugstore has GREAT clearance aisles. It starts with a C. You can find some really good items for very little money. But you have to go to the store on a regular basis. They also have a green leaf eco program where if you make 4 purchases (1 a day) the 4th one you will get a $1 off your next purchase. Every little bit counts. Right now they are giving you a $10 gift card for every qualified $30 purchase you make. Usually the stuff on sale is soda, toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, etc. The last 3 we can never have enough of. They won’t spoil.

I’m a clearance and coupon queen. I have it down now to an art form. I save a tremendous amount of money, not to mention the stockpile of good stuff I get diving. Don’t be scared of diving. It’s really not that bad. Do a little bit at a time. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Read my prior articles on diving safe and being smart.

I’m considering doing a conference call one night a week. You would call into an 800 number with a ID. We would be discussing saving money, cooking, organic farming, canning, dumpster diving, couponing, clearance items, etc. Let me know if that is something you’d be interested in.

Attached is a picture of our latest bounty.

Candles, hand soap and all kinds of goodies

Candles, hand soap and all kinds of goodies

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