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March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick’s Day – 19 bottles of beer on the wall

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Had an overwhelming hunch to visit one of my sites. Paid off quite well.

Found 19 bottles (new) of unopened Heineken in a new plastic tub. I don’t care for Heineken, but some of my friends do, so when they come over, they’ll have their favorite beer. Tub is new, intact and ready to use. It can be used for anything or to put in my truck for further diving.

1 brand new DYMO label maker. Works great. This is a great tool for making file folders or just organizing anything. It can be used to label my jars and bottles for food storage.

2 bottles of seltzer.
1 can of monster coffee drink.
1 can of Coca Cola.
5 cans of Arizona Iced Tea.

1 pair of pink pajama bottoms – new unopened, fit me to a T.

1 package of adult diapers.

So today, we’ll have a roasted pork that is now cooking in the oven, cabbage, potatoes and carrots cooked in the stew pot. I’m bummed it’s very windy today, or I would have cooked the pork on an open pit fire.

Oh, and I forgot, my green beer.



March 12, 2013

Late for the Super Bowl party

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Had a hunch to stop by an obscure place we frequent. Glad we did. Found 37 containers of brand new paper plates, about 75 packages of dinner napkins and 2 penants for the Super Bowl. They had been marked down very cheap, but still weren’t selling, so off to the trash they went.

In addition we found in another dumpster 4 bottles of smart water, several vitamin protein type energy drinks, and about a dozen or so new Pez containers.

The napkins and paper plates I’m keeping. They’re good for when you’re on a picnic, have company over or just don’t want to do dishes. The penants I’ll give to a sports fan.

I still had quite a few bottles of mousse and hairspray. So my teenage neighbor and her friends are now the recipients of my largesse.

The rest of the calendars and new patterns were given to charity.

A few nights ago we were dumpster diving and we heard a large thud on the other end of the mall. I know that sound by now. That’s the thud of a large object hitting the bottom. Sure enough, we waited until management left and there was a case of sparkling bubbly wine. I was impatient when I got home and took off the safety seal off one bottle. Wrong move. About an 1/2 hour I heard a POP and bubbly was everywhere. Oh well. Cleaned up the mess and still had 3/4 of a bottle left. Had it with dinner the other night. Quite good I must add.

Additionally we bought a wood burning stove on sale. A good price too good to pass up. We tested it out and it works fine. We put sand on the bottom as instructed. Sand we FOUND diving. Amazing isn’t it? You could cook on top of that stove. Things like this are needed in case of a power outage OR other weather crises that could cause modern technology to stop temporarily. For every person that is prepared, that is one less person that is dependent on the government, Red Cross or any other agency when things turn sour.0312132031c






March 2, 2013

Calendars, Candy and Clothing

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Such a huge haul tonight. Several boxes of candy bars. Many were the new type with no GMO ingredients. Over a dozen bottles of water. One facial buff new in box, shampoo and deodorant.

A few weeks ago, we found 4 boxes of calendars. 2013 calendars. Several we’ve used ourselves, several we’ve given away and a few others will be mailed to close friends and family.

That same night. Next store, a huge box of Vogue patterns. ALL new in the trash. I sew and have been wanting to start sewing again for a while. Bought some nice fabric on sale and now I have a beautiful new dress I can wear out for the night.

I’ve been wanting to redo my wardrobe and get out of the jeans/tshirt/loose T-shirts I’ve been wearing and wearing dresses more. Now I can!0301132228






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