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April 30, 2013

Bring Home the Bacon

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When my husband told me he would bring home the bacon, I thought he was being old-fashioned. Tonight we got 2 large packages of bacon. Yes I love bacon. Love it. Don’t eat it that often, but I do love it.

Inside the one bag (which was cold) was dozens of packages of cold cuts, bacon, cheese, cream cheese, grape juice and sweet tea.

We took some food to our local food bank that we’ve been giving food to. When we walked in tonight, we were aghast. Someone or a group had given them an ENORMOUS amount of food. Chips, candy, baby food, diapers, formula, juice and other stuff too numerous to mention. I was so happy to see that I almost cried. They wanted to give US some of the food. We both said no, we have plenty of food, enjoy it. You deserve it.

That is the power of manifestation. The energy of our giving food had created a 100th monkey effect of giving and generosity.

By the time we got home, I was famished. I didn’t know what to fix. I was tired, hungry, sweaty and dirty from hauling all that food out of the dumpster, cleaning it off and putting it away.

So dinner tonight was fish tacos (cod fish) and a strawberry margarita.

Life is good.


April 24, 2013

Sub Sandwiches on a Sunny Day

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SAM_0034Decided to take a drive as it was a nice sunny day. Paid a visit to the local library and printed out several free coupons I had collected from doing surveys. I’m a coupon and clearance queen. Anytime I can save money, I do it. I had over $16 in reward bucks so I stocked up on some much needed items.

On the way home, decided to stop at a local store that always gives us great booty.

We had a wonderful haul. 4 hero sandwiches, a basket of peppercorn fried chicken, 3 bags of Chinese stir fry veggie mix, several bags of onions, a new container of re-fried beans/cheese dip and a few other items. Inside the dumpster down below (this is a deep long dumpster) were several more boxes. They were way too heavy and far too down to get. My spouse almost lost his phone in the dumpster. Whew!

The night before we found over 10 bags of potatoes. 9 bags went to the local food bank and the one package we kept for ourselves. I usually cook my potatoes in my rice cooker. They’re nice and steamed when they come out. I top them with a little bit of sour cream and butter.

I do actually buy food from time to time. But I always gear my shopping around things that are one sale and I peruse the clearance aisles religiously. Just the other night we found some items that were a steal, they were so marked down. My husband oh we’ll get these on the way back to the register. I said no way, by the time we get back here, they’ll be gone. And they were. I’m glad I got what I wanted. They were marked about 75% off.

April 16, 2013

More Bread, Desserts and Meat

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Took a nice little drive all over the mountains today. Spring has burst through and the trees are green, the fire flies are out at night and life is good. We spotted a mess of chickens going back to their pen. The chicken are coming home to roost. I guess they’re free range chikadees.

Recovered out of the dumpster 2 large bags of bread. Buns, rolls, cakes, muffins, cookies, etc. Three bags of deli meat, still good and still cold. We’re freezing them now just in case.

Recovered over 20 packages of frozen cold meat, within date. Steaks, chicken quarters, pork chops and ribs.

Right now my freezers and refrigerator are FULL. You cannot slip a newspaper in them. The majority of the food has went to the local food bank/church. Just tonight the manager told us that the food we donate has helped more than we could ever guess. He said they were praying for bread, cheese and eggs and within days we arrived with a dozen bins full of food.

I always ask if the food went over well, did they like it etc. He said UDD, more than you’ll ever know. You have no idea. My spouse and I just grinned from ear to ear when we hear that. Watching that man’s face light up when we brought more food tonight, made my night.


April 7, 2013

From Cheese to Church

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Found over 200 packages of that pre-shredded cheese. About 20% of it went to our food storage and the rest to the local food bank/church. This type of cheese is very convenient for families, but pricey. We use it in our cheese biscuit mix, pizzas, enchiladas, tacos, egg omelets, soups, chilis and too many other foods to mention.

Also found many containers of cottage cheese, cream cheese and other perishable items that had to go home or the food bank immediately. We got what they call fresh kill. It had just been thrown out as it was still very cold or frozen. That’s the best way to get it.

Last night on my way home decided to stop at a local haunt. Glad I did. What appeared at first to be three glad bags of trash were new merchandise thrown out. There was some broken glass i.e. candles, but the majority was good stuff. Several new pair of jeans, socks, T-shirts, children’s toys, a new MP3 speaker, soap, shower gel and candles. Some will go to the local charity and some to us.

I’m very grateful for the stuff we find. God has blessed me with a good sense of intuition and discernment. This allows me to follow my gut and usually it’s spot on. This helps needy families, helps us and keeps perfectly new items out of the landfill, where they would just sit and rot.

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