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April 24, 2013

Sub Sandwiches on a Sunny Day

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SAM_0034Decided to take a drive as it was a nice sunny day. Paid a visit to the local library and printed out several free coupons I had collected from doing surveys. I’m a coupon and clearance queen. Anytime I can save money, I do it. I had over $16 in reward bucks so I stocked up on some much needed items.

On the way home, decided to stop at a local store that always gives us great booty.

We had a wonderful haul. 4 hero sandwiches, a basket of peppercorn fried chicken, 3 bags of Chinese stir fry veggie mix, several bags of onions, a new container of re-fried beans/cheese dip and a few other items. Inside the dumpster down below (this is a deep long dumpster) were several more boxes. They were way too heavy and far too down to get. My spouse almost lost his phone in the dumpster. Whew!

The night before we found over 10 bags of potatoes. 9 bags went to the local food bank and the one package we kept for ourselves. I usually cook my potatoes in my rice cooker. They’re nice and steamed when they come out. I top them with a little bit of sour cream and butter.

I do actually buy food from time to time. But I always gear my shopping around things that are one sale and I peruse the clearance aisles religiously. Just the other night we found some items that were a steal, they were so marked down. My husband oh we’ll get these on the way back to the register. I said no way, by the time we get back here, they’ll be gone. And they were. I’m glad I got what I wanted. They were marked about 75% off.


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  1. Wow! Good haul.

    Comment by Ryu — April 27, 2013 @ 6:15 pm

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