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May 20, 2013


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Last night we found a few items at a local store that throws out a lot of food. We didn’t find as much as we normally do. Since the weather is a lot warmer, you must find food as it’s thrown out or it could be too harmful to eat. If it’s warm, I don’t take it.

We went to a second location. Inside that dumpster was a bag full of meat packages that had been carefully put in the dumpster, minus the meat. It looks like the diver took all the meat out (probably put it in a cooler) and went home. That means someone else is going to that same store where we normally finds lots of meat.

That’s good to see. At least if we’re not getting the good stuff, someone else is. First come, first serve. I was concerned we were the only game in town. Not now, and that’s a good thing.

May 2, 2013

Still Cold

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After going to the grocery and finding some fantastic bargains in the clearance aisle, we decided to stop at one of our local haunts.

One full bag of meat. Still cold and ready to freeze. Several bags of pre-cooked spicy sausage, about a dozen or so packages of ham cold cuts and a large package of pork shoulder.

The pork shoulder immediately went into the crockpot and will be cooked slow for about 8 hours. I added some salsa, cayenne pepper and one onion for a spicy pork dish I can use tomorrow for carne asada tacos.

Speaking of cold, I have a big cooler on my front porch. Every night I fill up about 6 plastic tumblers with water and freeze them in the freezer. The next morning I take them out and put them in the cooler. Eventually they melt and pop out a few hours later. Then I refreeze those glasses and start the process over again. By doing this, this keeps the cooler constantly cold. In the cooler, I keep water, soda and sometimes food we find as my frig and freezer are full.

Due to this lousy economy, my husband and I live a spartan frugal life style. But we’re far from bored. We have plenty of things to do, like fix up an old country home. Aside from dumpster diving as entertainment we also like bird watching.

We had found a few months ago over 10 pounds of bird feed in the trash. We took it out of the dumpster and brought it home. We purchased 2 bird feeders that are a sort of mesh feeder. The birdies love it. In fact they’re getting big. They’re being fed well I guess. Every single day I have tons of red birds, bluejays and even a yellow and black bird. They’re simply beautiful to watch. When the weather gets a little warmer (it’s been cold here!) I’ll sit outside and try to either videotape them OR take their picture.Photo1167SAM_0054

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