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August 30, 2013

From Dumpster to Paycheck

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Right before we came up North for the summer, we were out dining for the night at a small ma and pa restaurant. Two men came up to the table and told us they just gotten jobs and were really excited about getting a paycheck.

At first I didn’t recognize them, then I realized who they were, the men from the church we’ve given food to. Because of the huge volume of food we gave them, they were able to find work and become self sufficient.

1. The two men come to the church as homeless men and live on site.

2. We meet them when we stop by the church to donate food. They would normally help us carry all the food from my truck to the refrigerator.

3. Over time we’d get to know them and make small talk.

4. Because of all the food we donated to the homeless center/church, they had a big BBQ open to the public.

5. The money collected from the BBQ went into the church van.

6. Church van gets spiffed up, tuned up and new tires.

7. Now two men have transportation to go to job interviews.

8. They get the jobs and now have regular paychecks.

9. They are now self-sufficient men who now have a sense of pride and accomplishment. Self esteem is raised and everyone wins.

Food dumpster > Church/homeless shelter > fund raiser money> new tires on van> gets hired at local factory > now productive proud members of society.

Isn’t that great how the universe works?

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