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September 26, 2013

The Incredible Edible Egg

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I was buying farm fresh eggs from a local farmer. Due to his frail health and the high cost of feed, he’s slowing down considerably so eggs will be less and less as time goes on.

Last night I bought an 18 ct container of eggs. Well after we left the store we stopped at our local haunt. Guess what they threw out? About 2 dozen containers of fresh eggs. Amazing. We got what we could. In addition, broccoli, tomatoes, potatoes, pico de gallo salsa, orange juice, milk, chicken tenders (pre-cooked), one steak and one package of spicy sausage.

We had the chicken tenders last night for dinner. They were quite good.

The rest of the food went to our local food bank. Since they know us, we just walk right in, put the food in the refrigerator and leave.SAM_0247

September 18, 2013

Further Competition and Care Packages

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On our travels a few nights ago, we visited one of our local haunts while we’re in this location. This store normally has an enormous amount of food thrown out. Well we have competition now. As we drove up we saw a man (probably in his 60’s) with his Momma (who appeared to be in her 80’s) diving for food. She stayed in the car while the son got the good stuff. After he left we realized he’d gotten over a dozen rotisserie chickens. The good stuff. First come, first served in the scavenging world.

The chickens are still good as they’re cooked. When I’ve found them in the past, I’d cut them up in chunks and freeze them in ziploc bags for future use. You can use this chicken in tacos, enchiladas, chicken salad, you name it, there is a need for it.

I’m sure the man and his momma were poor and were supplementing their food bill. Maybe they get food stamps, maybe they don’t. A lot of people qualify for SNAP but they don’t seek it out. Either they’re too proud or they don’t know how to.

Tonight we’re on our way to the local UPS store. We have a 20 pound box ready to be sent to a local family we met on our travels. They have 4 kids and another one in the oven. Inside the box is socks, underwear, t-shirts, jeans, PJ’s, coloring books, pens, markers, house slippers, toys, etc. All found new in the trash. They know where it came from and they don’t care. They’re glad to be the beneficiary of our largesse.

This didn’t take a government program or a bloated charity. Just me, my spouse, my truck, some lifting and sorting and now a family has a good amount of stuff that they need in everyday life.


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