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October 26, 2013

Food Stamps and Dining at Home

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We’ve not been finding that much stuff and that’s OK. Diving is a crap shoot so we take what we can.

We had to go into town tonight to actually buy some food for dinner. We had contemplated eating out. Problem is, unless we spend big bucks on dinner, fast food just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. If we visit one of the big fast food dining establishments we’re spending $15 for dinner and we’re both hungry 2 hours later. If we want a dinner that satisfies, we’re spending $30. I’m just not doing that anymore.

In fact, we’ve made the resolution, unless we’re traveling, we don’t dine out, period. Exceptions are anniversaries, birthdays etc.

So we stop at the local grocery store and buy some lobster ravioli with sauce and a package of bread sticks. That and some white wine (wine we found BTW) made for an excellent dinner.

A young man in front of us bought some food for himself. He was probably single based on what he was buying. He paid for it with an EBT card. The card wouldn’t swipe as the EBT system has been having problems. Much of the code written in the EBT system computer software is written overseas. That could be the problem here folks.

The cashier said EBT, very quietly, but I heard it. The young white man looked down ashamed and said yes.

My heart sunk. This was probably some working man who’d lost his job and just needed help and you could tell he felt like S*** for taking charity (many folks around here feel that way).

Of course I didn’t say anything, but I telepathically told him this. Don’t feel ashamed young man. You are a victim of a criminal rogue government that has outsourced all good jobs overseas. The only way many a man today can earn a living is bombing poor brown folks overseas. Your government doesn’t give a S*** about you, never has and never will.

Keep your chin up, don’t feel bad about taking help (lord knows you’ve probably paid your fair share in taxes) and keep thoughts of abundance and prosperity. I’m praying that that man tonight hears my prayer for him and becomes successful so that he never has to buy cheap pizza again.


October 25, 2013

Dunkin Donuts

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Due to the warmer weather where we are, food is not safe to take, even produce. Things that are safe to take are chips, and stuff that is JUST thrown out.

We found a twin pack of chips the other night and over 3 dozen donuts. My husband and I don’t certainly don’t need 3 dozen donuts, so we kept a few and the rest went to the food bank. Since we donate so much stuff to that particular food bank and they now know us, we can come in anytime we want. Since diving is usually done at night, that’s usually when we stop by.

I’m still diving, but the booty is far less. That is the way diving goes. You can go for months and just get a little bit and then voila, the big one. If one maintains an abundance consciousness things will come to you.

I want to recommend a book I’ve been reading and this is my 2nd read of this book. It’s called The Trick to Money is having some, by Stuart Wilde. A great book about the consciousness of money, abundance mentality and the science of getting your head on straight about money. Sadly Mr. Wilde has passed on, but his website is still up. Many say he’s an eccentric fellow, but I felt he had a good heart and his spirit still lives on.

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