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March 27, 2014

Sausage Manifestation

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As a woman who grew up poor and in the country, some foods never leave you. That one food for breakfast is sausage, sausage gravy, biscuits, eggs, hash browns, bacon, not all at once though.

The dinner I made tonight was blah. Wasn’t in the mood for healthy food, rice and veggies. Just wasn’t into it. Just couldn’t see myself eating it. I decided we were going out. I said out loud what we need now is some sausage and my freezer will be complete.

So we saundered down to the local car hop diner. I had frito pie and a peanut butter shake. Man it was good. My dear husband had a strawberry shake and some chicken fingers.

Of course you know the story a few hours later, I found a case of sausage. STILL COLD. FRESH KILL. 24 packages of sausage. Woo Hoo!

Sometimes you just gotta eat southern fried food, y’all know what I mean?sausage 2


March 20, 2014

I’m Back

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I’m finally back in the Appalachian mountains. I cannot tell you all how happy I am to be here. The city is not for me. Too busy, too much crime and too many impersonal people.

Ladies and gentleman, you do not want to be in the cities when things fall apart. You will be a dead man walking. I see and hear the seething hostility from people. As an empath, I pick up on it and have to cleanse myself constantly to wash it away.

Pickings in Florida had went downhill, we had competition. We encountered many a diver in Florida. Despite what the media tells you (and I’m on ground zero and in the trenches) it’s NOT getting better. The only times stores see a deluge in shoppers is when the food stamps are loaded or the social security checks come in, and then, dead zone.

One area we dove at always had tons of newer cars there at night. There is no way the employees at that retail establishment could afford those cars, no way. I finally figured it out, they lived across the street in the gated community and kept the cars in the parking lot to avoid the repo man.

My spouse sold his home in Florida where the neighborhood had seriously degraded. Lots of crime. I might have to change my name to country dumpster diver, but I’ll let the name stay.

I had my tablet with me for a few months and typing new posts on that were difficult at best, so I used twitter to tweet new finds.

After two days of packing and throwing things out, we were on the road for two days with a U-Haul, my car and my cat. She cried every day for a few hours, but finally calmed down. We stayed in a pet friendly room and she didn’t cry. She smelled the scent of other animals and felt comforted.

Two days of packing and two days of hard driving. I was so tired on both days I nodded off driving. I HAD to pull over and take a nap. Then a few hours later it was hotel time.

Three days of hard unpacking. My back locked up so bad I had to crawl in bed. I’m no spring chicken anymore, LOL. We finally hired three men from the local church we give food to. They happily came over, we paid them of course and they did a marvelous job. We will use them again for future work projects at home.

So now the goal is to fix up this country home, start eating healthy again, lose weight, get fit and exercise and live life. Buy food from local farmers, watch the birds on my bird feeder and be happy.

And oh, BTW, more diving is on the horizon. Once you’ve been bit by the dumpster diving bug, it never leaves you.

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