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April 19, 2014

Buy One – Get 15 Free

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The title is much better than BOGO. Needed butter, so we bought some yesterday. Tonight found a box of 15. Organic sweet cream butter no less, woo hoo!

Captured from the dumpster over 50 packages of cheese, some were pre-sliced, some were blocks of cheese. Monterey Jack, Colby, Sharp Cheddar, you name it. All these cheeses are in their packages intact. Good for omelettes or cheese quesadillas.

Two packages of frozen hash browns.

5 containers of chocolate milk.

Sliced deli turkey breast.

Jello desserts.

Cookie dough to bake chocolate chip cookies with.

Onions, potatoes, broccoli, carrots (I make carrot juice daily). Ironically I had said I needed to find a carrot farmer as it takes 1 pound of carrots to make juice for my husband and I. Found tons and tons of carrots. Plus a bag of sweet oranges.

This weekend we are having guests over. They are having a getaway from their 5 children. They need the break. They are staying the night with us. We’re going to eat dived food (they know where it comes from), watch some good old fashioned movies, maybe play some scrabble and then later have a fire outside and see the stars.

I love being a free agent. No mortgage, no debt, just free to live the life I want. I’m no spring chicken. But I’m not ready to take a dirt nap just yet. So now I live my life on my terms. Go to bed when I want, get up when I want, do what I want. The sky is the limit. But it took me MANY years to get here.

I’m certainly NOT wealthy by any means. We live very frugally. We live simply. And for me that’s OK.

So when our friends leave, they’ll be going home with lots of stuff. Clothes for the kids, food, toiletries, prepper supplies, etc. They need it, we have it, we got it free and we share it.

What’s not to like about that?


April 2, 2014

Fish Manifestation

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Yesterday I started a new 30 day wormwood cleanse for intestinal parasites. The day before I told my husband, you know if we’re going to do this intestinal cleanse, we need to eliminate red meat for the month of April, drink carrot juice daily and watch our soda intake and increase our water intake.

That afternoon we went out to lunch for our wedding anniversary. I can’t believe I’ve been married three years. Anyhoo, before we had dinner, we decided to go diving.

Thank God I brought a large cooler with me.

Inside the bin was 10 packages of fish. Perch, mahi mahi and catfish. All very cold, JUST thrown out. Put in cooler pronto. A case of small milk containers. Now in freezer. When we have company over (especially kids), they love milk, especially chocolate milk. Now we’re stocked.

I looked up and said God, universe or whatever you wanna believe, thank you for the fish. It’s like someone is listening to me.

Manifestation take practice and confidence in your abilities. It means abandoning a scarcity mentality and believing there will always be enough for you.

Esther and Abraham Hicks have written many books on the power of thought, manifestation and abundance.

Francis Ponder (now deceased and I highly recommend her books) had many books on abundance and prosperity.

If you’re in debt, have no job, or want to live a simpler life without killing yourself to make a living; then you owe it to yourself to adopt an abundance mentality. Money attracts money. Continued success attracts continued success. See the pattern here?

Live it, breathe it and you will attain it.

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